NexHealth RAISES $125M AT $1B valuation
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Digitize your practice.
Your patients will love it.

Deliver an end-to-end patient experience that integrates in real-time with your practice management system.

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The world’s most flexible patient experience platform built for doctors and developers

2.9 million

Confirmed by NexHealth
practices in 2021

18 new

Average increase in new patients
from a NexHealth practice


106 Coast Dental locations
onboarded by NexHealth in 5 weeks


Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners went from 4 systems to 1 with NexHealth

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Trusted by the fastest growing practices and healthtech companies

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We worked with several other vendors for point solutions, but the NexHealth platform provides an all-in-one service that is easy to use while deeply integrated with practice management systems.
Lori Mixon
Vice President,
Marketing, Mid-Atlantic

The only solution that reads and writes data in real-time with your practice management system

One powerful RESTful API

Helps you integrate with multiple EHR and dental systems so that you can build and deploy your products faster.

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Bidirectional integration with your practice management system

Any action in NexHealth is auto-updated to your practice management system.

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Build the next great healthcare product

We spend most of our engineering resources on creating the best bidirectional integrations with EHR and practice management systems. Now you can develop and deploy your product in weeks, not years.

Our engineers consume our own API to build our own doctor-facing SaaS product, so you know you will always get an experience that is tested and can scale.

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