Easy online patient payments through text or email

Because 63% of negative reviews are the result of bad billing experiences
Automatically text and email patients their bills
No login or password needed from patients to pay
Payment funds automatically deposited into your bank account
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A practice billing solution that increases patient payment collection

Patients don't want to jump through hoops to pay you. With NexHealth's text and email-based billing, patients submit payments with just two taps on their smartphones. Unlike other online payment portals, they don't need a login, password or username. And with Nexhealth, 80% of patients make their payment within 10 business days. Simple.

Billing automation that saves your staff time

With NexHealth, save hours of staff time by automatically sending payment statements to your patients. Here's how it works: NexHealth reads your treatment plans and calculates how much a patient owes you for their care. Next, we then text and email your patient with their itemized statement. Once a patient submits a payment, NexHealth automatically deposits the funds into your bank account and updates your practice ledger.

Cut through the noise

Patients sometimes ignore or forget paper mail; email & SMS ensures you get their attention.

Make payment convenient

The smoother you make your payment process, the more patients will complete it within 24 hours.

Patients love it

A more convenient billing experience isn't just good for your bottom line - it's good for your patient relationships.

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