Easily manage patient collections with one-click billing.

Automated text & email messages for patients to submit secure payments.
Automatically text and email bills to patients.
No login or password required for payment.
Funds automatically deposited into your bank account.
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Increase patient payment collection.

Based on historical data, 80% of NexHealth patients make a payment in 10 business days or less. With NexHealth's online billing solution, patients submit payments with a few taps on their phone. Patients do not need a login, password, or username – unlike other payment portals.

Save staff time with billing automation.

Automated patient statements save staff hours of time for patient care. Here's how it works: NexHealth reads your treatment plans and calculates what the patient owes based on their care. Next, our platform texts or emails the patient with an itemized statement. Once the patient submits payment, NexHealth automatically deposits the funds into your bank account and updates the practice ledger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does NexHealth compare with other online patient payment solutions? 

NexHealth is more than a patient billing system or standalone software solution; it’s an all-in-one platform that takes charge of your digital payments, online bookings, cancellation fill-ins, appointment reminders, healthcare marketing, telehealth, and more.

NexHealth is a fully integrated suite of tools for your healthcare or dental practice, including:

  • 24/7 online booking. NexHealth offers a real-time appointment scheduling system that handles online bookings, even outside of normal business hours. With 43% of bookings made after hours, it’s a simple, convenient way to allow patients to book at any time.
  • Automated recall campaigns. Using patient recall frees up your practice and saves money associated with rebooking over the phone. With NexHealth, automatically text and email patients so they can book appointments directly from their phone or desktop.
  • Digital appointment reminders. Digital reminders help eliminate no shows and the need to reschedule appointments manually. And, if you have cancellations, NexHealth automates text messages to other waitlist patients to fill openings immediately.
  • Personalized email and text marketing. Stay top-of-mind with patients with your latest promotions and services, or send birthday greetings. You can also track open and click rates to get instant feedback on your campaigns.
  • Telehealth. NexHealth offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that facilitates remote consultations. As a smart alternative to in-house appointments, telehealth gives your patients more choices and greater control over their care.
  • Smart digital payments. Digital payments allow patients to pay their bills with one click. No logins or passwords are required to make payments, and funds are deposited directly to your bank account.

NexHealth is also designed to integrate with popular practice software packages, making it easy to streamline and automate common administrative tasks. 

Is NexHealth an online payment portal?

Not exactly. NexHealth allows patients to pay digitally, but unlike other online payment portals, patients do not need a login, password, or username to pay. Instead, patients can send an electronic transfer directly to your account with two taps on their smartphone or email link. This makes it easier for patients to make direct payments, while helping to ensure that claims get paid faster.

How can NexHealth increase payment collection?

Paper bills and lost billing account credentials can delay payments. Instead, NexHealth’s integrated suite of digital tools allows patients to pay via email and text – without needing a login or password. By removing the obstacles to payment collection, you reduce the need for manual billing tasks and follow-up phone calls. With NexHealth’s digital payment system, 80% of patients make their payments within 10 days.

What about pricing?

Unlike traditional dental billing software that only handles patient billing, NexHealth is a comprehensive suite of tools that supports your entire practice management, healthcare marketing, and patient engagement workflows. Bundling these systems significantly reduces the overhead of running standalone packages, making NexHealth a cost-effective solution for healthcare practices, with the added benefits of increasing patient satisfaction and revenue. 

To learn more about NexHealth pricing and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, please see Plans & Pricing.

Cut through the noise

Patients sometimes ignore or forget paper mail; email & SMS ensures you get their attention.

Make payments convenient

The smoother your payment process, the quicker patients will complete requests within 24 hours.

Delight patients

A more convenient billing experience is good for your bottom line – and it improves your patient relationships.

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