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Daily Smiles Dental Reduces Patient Cancellations with NexHealth Communications

Daily Smiles Dental overcame the challenge of poor patient communication methods that led to patient cancellations and no-shows. Learn how the practice implemented NexHealth to streamline patient communications and reduce cancellations.

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I've been in dentistry for seven years plus. Those six years we were paperwise, and man, when I'm telling you, if I were to go back to my old dentistry, I would let them know, hey, get NexHealth.

I was working with Zocdoc and I was looking for something similar but not like Zocdoc because to just get all the information that you need from them is mission impossible. You need insurance, you need to know if you are in network with them. You call, you text, and it's like no response. We have told that to Zocdoc many times. It's $110 and Zocdoc charges every patient that you book. It was super expensive. 

I came across NexHealth. I love the very straightforward example of how it works. Like you are maybe in your home or just driving and you say, oh I have to go to the dentist, okay? And that kind of interactive to just go looking, booking an appointment and they extend all the paperwork, and that Jesus Christ, this is fantastic. So I'm called to just be introduced to how they work. They gave me the tutorial. The communication with the patients is way better. Everything is online.

We can check their information online. We can even send them a bill, a reminder also. The reminders that NexHealth has, oh my. It reminds them every two months, a week before the appointment, and two hours before the appointment. It has helped us a lot. Why? Because we end up showing up. My family, we are all the best. So, my brothers and everything, and they have an office that I've been telling them, you have to try it because seriously, it's to make your life easier.
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Coming from a family of dentists, Dr. Vanina Arrechea D.D.S. has devoted her expertise and passion to enhancing the smiles of Dallas residents at Daily Smiles Dental. After a successful dental journey spanning over a decade across two continents, from Argentina to the United States, Dr. Vanina recognized the dynamic shift in dental technology and the significance of embracing digital patient communication.

Challenge: Patients cancel when they book on Zocdoc 

At Daily Smiles Dental, the digital transition wasn't without its challenges. Every booking made through Zocdoc came with a fixed cost of $110, regardless of whether the patient showed up, canceled, or simply didn't have the necessary insurance coverage. This was a significant financial burden for the clinic. To make matters worse, the front staff were consistently battling to gather essential pre-appointment details from patients. These attempts, mostly over the phone, often went unanswered. As a result, many patients, uninformed and unprepared, would walk into the clinic only to be met with a heap of paperwork. Some would then discover they didn’t have the appropriate insurance, leading to on-the-spot cancellations. These disruptions weren't just a logistical headache; they were costly, with Dr. Arrechea still bearing the Zocdoc charges even for these canceled appointments.

Results: Dr. Arrechea eliminates patient cancellations 

The team went on a search for a platform to solve their communication issues and found NexHealth. Dr. Arrechea browsed through the NexHealth website and “loved how straightforward” the NexHealth Explainer Video is for her team.

Today, The Daily Smiles Dental team uses NexHealth for:

Pre-appointment readiness

NexHealth's Forms enable patients to provide personal information like medical history and insurance before an appointment, meaning patients and staff are better prepared for the patient visit. NexHealth Forms ensure most insurance-related surprises were addressed before the patient ever steps foot in the office and patient wait times in the office are minimal. 

Streamlined communication

The platform bridged the gap between the clinic and its patients, ensuring that necessary details like insurance, patient forms, and consent were communicated efficiently before the appointment. 

Additionally, patients are auto-reminded about their appointment 2 weeks, 2 days, and 2 hours before their appointment and can always text the office with questions before their visit. Two-way texting enables patients to ask questions directly instead of calling the office to get questions resolved. 

Operational efficiency

Esperanza Puente, the Office Manager, noticed the shift from cumbersome paperwork to streamlined digital processes. Because NexHealth online bookingreminderspayments, and forms are all synced with Dentrix, the front office team spends less time on admin work and more time on patient care. “I’ve been in dentistry for 7 years plus, those 6 years were paper-wise. If I were to go back to my old dentistry I would tell them to get NexHealth.”

What’s Next: Transitioning out of Zocdoc

The journey of Daily Smiles Dental with NexHealth demonstrates the profound benefits of embracing adaptive and innovative technological solutions in modern healthcare. As Daily Smiles Dental transitions away from Zocdoc, they have found a solution in NexHealth where they do not pay $110 per patient appointment and eliminate cancellations. 


Dr. Vanina Arrechea D.D.S., Owner and Dentist

NexHealth is the best thing I’ve seen on the market for communications with patients.

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