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Bastida Dental Group Saves $2k on Monthly ZocDoc Fees with NexHealth

After switching to NexHealth from ZocDoc, Bastida Dental Group is saving $2k a month just on new patient booking fees. See why they prefer NexHealth Online Booking.

NexHealth Marketing
NexHealth Marketing
March 14, 2023



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My name is Jason Bastida. I'm a dentist at The Bastida Dental Group in Queens, New York.

Really excited to use NexHealth. Really impressed so far.

So before NexHealth, really our only online booking platform was ZocDoc. We started that just because it was the most popular platform when I joined the practice five years ago.

ZocDoc is really expensive to have to spend $110 per new patient booking, and that's not even a guarantee that the patient will show up. NexHealth can pay for itself after five patient appointments.

There's a fallacy in thinking that ZocDoc is your marketing. Patients will find you by searching for you mostly on Google. And the way to make yourself stand out on Google is to have good reviews.

And NexHealth allows us to put those good reviews up front on our site. Patients are just finding us organically, so why pay for that?

There are three big reasons why we switch to NexHealth. It reads and writes much better than any other software that I've tested or seen. Ever since we started NexHealth, their support team has been incredibly hands on and helping us get basically our practice onto their platform, helping us navigat
this new technology without losing a beat.

Challenge - Paying $110 Per New Patient Booking

The Bastida Dental Group in Queens, New York is dedicated to providing modern procedures with advanced technology to its community but faced the challenge of growing patient bookings with limited options for online booking. 

Initially, their office used ZocDoc, but “ZocDoc is a really expensive [solution] to have to spend $110 per new patient booking, and that's not even a guarantee that the patient will show up,” says Dr. Jason Bastida DDS.

ZocDoc was an expensive, unsustainable option.

Solution - Replacing Patient Volume From ZocDoc With NexHealth

Dr. Bastida decided to switch to NexHealth’s patient experience platform to grow his patient volume while eliminating the patient fees. Here’s how he did it:

1. More online reviews = better website authority and SEO: Dr. Bastida automates his Google review collection process with NexHealth Reviews so after every appointment, patients are asked to leave a review. By continuously growing the number of reviews on his Google Business page, Dr. Bastida’s website ranks higher when patients search “dentist near me” in Queens, NY. Now, more potential patients can discover his practice's website from Google searches.

2. Let patients book appointments online: When patients find the Bastida Dental Group online, they can easily schedule an appointment from their website and social channels 24/7, even after hours. Making scheduling easy and fast means that you turn a much higher percent of site visitors into new patients.

3. Patients book recare in 1-click: Patients are automatically reminded to book their recare in just 1-click, based on their previous appointment or due date, keeping patient retention extremely high.

Results - Patient Bookings Without the ZocDoc Fees

“Ever since we started NexHealth, their support team has been incredibly hands-on, helping us navigate this new technology without losing a beat,” says Dr. Jason Bastida. 

That’s why the Bastida Dental Group’s results were immediate:

1. Eliminates $2k of ZocDoc patient fees 

→  Dr. Bastida pays a standard subscription for NexHealth each month, with no additional patient fees. 

2. Saves thousands on consolidating technology

NexHealth’s all-in-one platform enabled Bastida Dental Group to get rid of ZocDoc for online booking and Intiveo for reminders. 

3. Saves 3 hours a day by syncing with Eaglesoft

→ Because NexHealth syncs with Eaglesoft in real-time, Dr. Bastida’s front office staff no longer manually enter any information or worry about double-bookings.


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