Stop leaving voicemails. Start sending texts.

Text medical forms, reminders, payment links, and more to your patients. Let them reply with questions or updates. No new apps or accounts required.

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Patient return rate

"With NexHealth, you set it and forget it. We use reminder texts and emails set up for pre-appointments, and then patients get digital payment links and are automatically rebooked 6 months out. Our office managers love the experience as much as the patients do."

melanie basile, chief growth officer, the smilist, headshot
melanie basile, chief growth officer, the smilist, headshot

Two-way texting that sends the right message

improving patient retention icon

Improve patient retention

Automate appointment reminders using patients’ preferred communication channel

building patient trust icon

Build patient trust

Answer patient questions quickly and deliver pre- and post-op instructions via SMS

reducing calls and voicemails icon

Reduce calls and voicemails

Dramatically cut incoming and outgoing call volume with HIPAA-compliant texting

How it works

NexHealth automated messaging

Send automated messages

Set up text message reminders about upcoming appointments, recalls, or forms — once they’re active, they’ll send automatically.


Answer patients’ questions in one place

Let patients reply with questions or updates so they don’t have to call your practice, and view their responses right in NexHealth.

Answering patient questions with NexHealth messaging
using the NexHealth Synchronizer to keep patient data current

Sync patient data automatically

When patients confirm appointments or complete forms sent via secure messaging, the data syncs directly to your health record system.

Your patient experience will never be the same

Click through each step of the patient journey to see what a modern experience looks like

Code for this will be in page setting
Patients struggle to find you and book an appointment.
Patients see your five-star Google Reviews and instantly book an appointment online.
Patients have to call your frontdesk during business hours.
Let paitents book online 24/7 using your real-time availability.
Patients no show or forget to reschedule.
Patient receive timely reminders so they can confirm with a single click.
Patients have to arrive early to fill out paper forms.
Patients can complete online forms at home on any device
NexHealth forms patient view on mobile device
Patients forget to send in a check for outstanding balances.
the old way of handling payments
Patients get post-appointment links to submit secure payments.
NexHealth payments module
Patient only take the time toshare negative reviews
Patient are prompted to post a Google yReview when they have a positive experience
Patients fill in a card for an appointment six months out.
Patients receive automated recall messages with built-in booking based on their last appointment date. 

See how NexHealth can grow your practice

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Frequently asked questions

Can I automatically send links to NexHealth Online Booking and NexHealth Forms via text message?

Yes, NexHealth Messaging works seamlessly with the rest of the NexHealth patient experience platform. You can trigger text messages based on appointment types with the appropriate forms, and you can send automated recall messages based on the date of a patient’s last appointment.

Does NexHealth Messaging support text messages with images?

Yes, NexHealth Messaging supports images. Patients can send pictures that may help you diagnose a condition, and you can send pictures related to their care.

Do patients need to install another app to use NexHealth Messaging?

No. NexHealth Messaging delivers text messages via SMS (Short Message Service), which works natively with any smartphone or cellular device.

Where can I view a patient’s conversation history with my practice?

All patient messages are available directly within NexHealth in the Messages tab. You can also view messages on the patient record, alongside the individual's appointment history and communication preferences.

Can patients confirm appointments directly from text messages?

Absolutely. If a patient replies to an appointment reminder with a simple “Y” or “Yes,” NexHealth will automatically confirm the appointment and sync the status to your health record system.

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