The most reliable way to automatically sync patient data between your office and NexHealth.

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Run your practice reliably and securely

Synchronizer is built and maintained by NexHealth, not your health record system, so you have a secure and dependable connection between NexHealth and your office.

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Automate your practice’s workflow

Save time and reduce duplicate data entry by syncing online appointments, digital forms, and patient messages with your office systems.

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Sync data fast

The Synchronizer enables end-to-end data synchronization, which means you can push and pull data between your systems in seconds.

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NexHealth provides an all-in-one service that is easy to use and deeply integrated with practice management systems.
Lori Mixon, Vice President, Marketing, Mid Atlantic
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NexHealth was the only solution that met our requirements for read/write capabilities, synchronization speed, and reliability that could support our AI-powered patient interface.
Tapan Patel,  Head of Product, TrueLark
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The real value of NexHealth comes in having all the data auto-updated into Eaglesoft, saving hours every day for the office team, reducing errors in data entry, and minimizing storage costs.
Debbie Nicholson, Vice President, Marketing, Coast Dental Clements
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Having all our patient communication auto-update into Denticon has been game-changing. We’ve seen a 225% increase in Google Reviews volume, boosting our brand awareness with new patients.
Justin Clements, Director of Operations, Bright Direction Dental

Thousands of practices, DSOs, and tech companies

Frequently asked questions

What is the NexHealth Synchronizer?

The NexHealth Synchronizer is the most reliable way to automatically sync patient data between your office and NexHealth. The Synchronizer is proprietary technology built by NexHealth to work independently from health record systems, so you can have a secure, reliable, and fast connection to your office and NexHealth.

Why did NexHealth build the Synchronizer?

NexHealth built the Synchronizer to solve problems such as double bookings, cancellations, and manual data entry by auto-updating patient interactions into your office software.

How much does it cost to use the Synchronizer?

The Synchronizer is free for practices using NexHealth. There are no additional setup costs either.

What NexHealth products does the Synchronizer support?

The Synchronizer supports every NexHealth product — Online Booking, Messaging, Forms, Reminders, Recall, Waitlist, Payments, Reviews, and more.

Does the Synchronizer rely on a partnership with health record systems?

No. NexHealth built the Synchronizer to work independently from health record systems. Most health record systems’ APIs lack the functionality to support common workflows that our customers expect, such as online booking, patient forms, and two-way messaging. The absence of a strong API for auto-updating patient data to the health record system is why NexHealth invested four years into building the Synchronizer.

Who is using the Synchronizer today?

More than 5,000 individual practices, DSOs, and technology companies use the Synchronizer every day. To date, NexHealth has allowed practices to sync over 70 million patient records reliably and securely.

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