Join our mission to

accelerate innovation in healthcare

NexHealth builds flexible tools and infrastructure to support doctors and developers in delivering exceptional patient experiences. We built a SaaS platform for doctors to connect with patients, and we’re integrating with the many, many health record systems so developers only need to access our API to integrate health records into their applications.

By connecting doctors, patients, and developers, we can start accelerating innovation in healthcare.

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is the new Fintech

Similar to the fintech transformation in the 2010s, healthtech is getting jolted with new ideas from ambitious builders. NexHealth’s tools and infrastructure are empowering many of these ambitious builders. We’re thrilled to be part of the wave of companies that are looking to modernize healthcare and improve the patient experience.

Healthcare 19%
Manufacturing 11%
Finance 7%
Healthcare is 19% of the American GDP

Our Strategy

The flywheel to accelerate innovation in healthcare

The 3-Step Master Plan
to Cure Healthcare
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Our challenges


We're opening up legacy systems to empower developers to innovate and doctors to digitize quickly. An open platform like NexHealth naturally meets resistance from the incumbents.


Because of our fast growth, we're consistently bandwidth constrained to keep up with market demand for our product.

Critical infrastructure

Our customers depend on our tools and infrastructure to connect with patients and deliver the best possible outcome. So no matter the challenges, we need to make sure our customers are successful.

Life at NexHealth

There are no shortcuts to changing healthcare, and we’re comfortable dealing with setbacks knowing consistent small wins add up to large impact over time.

We check our egos at the door (or Zoom), with each Nexer willing to evolve their role to do what’s best for our customers. What unites us all is the mission of accelerating innovation in healthcare, and we look for talent that wants to join the company for the long run, delivering meaningful work in creating a better health system.

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NexHealth allows me to be
entrepreneurial, go beyond my
scope, and work on different parts
of our tech stack.
Prarthana S.

We survey Nexers twice per year to evolve our culture and improve the way we work.



NexHealth is in a position to really
succeed over the next three years


NexHealth is a great company for me to make a contribution to my development


Generally, I believe my workload
is reasonable for my role

Where we work

We have offices in San Francisco, CA and in Lehi, Utah, with remote teams working throughout the US, South America, and Europe.

We bring a flexible mindset to hiring, looking to optimize for the right people, knowing the best way to retain top talent is to surround them with other top talent.

Once inside the company, we encourage entrepreneurial growth, supporting Nexers to redefine their roles to solve the most pressing customer problems.

Nexers enjoy a fast-paced environment where we empower potential, creating opportunities to up-level quickly in your career.

Building for the long term

NexHealth's aspirations are measured in decades, but the day-to-day work is done by small and fast-paced teams. There is nothing we care more about than hiring the best people, and once we bring them in, we tend to back off to give them the space to do their best work.

Our people identify problems by talking to customers, and we want them to work on areas they’re passionate about–knowing passion leads to the greatest impact.

We want to talk to you.

We will hire hundreds of people this year. We cannot possibly succeed in our goals without doing so. Do not worry too much about picking exactly the right role; we can always give you more options after starting the conversation.

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Why did you join?

I joined NexHealth to tackle challenging technical problems with a world-class team in an industry that’s been incredibly under-served by innovation in technology.


As a rapidly-scaling healthtech startup, we face novel tech challenges every day. Here, you’ll deal with tough problems, and do your best work, surrounded and supported from all sides by smart and effective people.


Describe NexHealth
in three words

Results Driven


Ambitious, eager,  hungry to succeed, and just a solid person overall....that likes dogs over cats 😛


Why did you join NexHealth?

I joined NexHealth for the opportunity to contribute to a fundamental breakthrough in how people interact with their healthcare data.

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I love playing Halo

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“You’re muted”