NexHealth raises $31M series B at a $431 million valuation
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Accelerate healthcare innovation

We connect patients, doctors, and developers to accelerate healthcare innovation.
Our customers range from independent doctors offices like Grand Street Dental to public tech companies like SmileDirectClub. We help patients receive a modern healthcare experience, doctors modernize their businesses, and help developers innovate faster.
We’re pursuing a society-changing goal and the market opportunity is open for the taking. We’ve 5X’d in the last year, and as an early stage employee you will have the chance to make a foundational impact on our company’s continued growth.
Help us accelerate healthcare innovation

The perfect fit

Successful Nexers put our customers first and think in first principles. We like to speak our minds (with positive intent) - even if it means questioning authority, in service of our customers.
We’re missionaries who take extreme ownership in every aspect of our roles - going beyond our immediate scope of responsibility to get the job done.
We’re champions who play to win as a team and are welcoming of all backgrounds and perspectives to help us accelerate healthcare innovation.

Sound like you?

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The challenges we’re facing

In order to realize our mission, we need to move with urgency and scale as quickly as possible to seize the market.

Healthcare industry incentives are misaligned

Between doctors, insurance carriers, hospitals, pharma, and technology vendors, healthcare incentives are misaligned. Today, only the incumbents benefit. Any new business model like ours is inherently disruptive and faces resistance.

Doctors are focused on healthcare, not technology

Doctors have one of the most difficult jobs. They simultaneously practice medicine and run a full time business which means they have little time to think about technology. We need to build products that doctors and their patients cannot live without.

We’re constrained by time and bandwidth

Our business has grown faster than our company. We ruthlessly prioritize during planning sessions to execute on high caliber projects. That sometimes means pushing some high impact projects to the wayside because we value quality over quantity.

The big picture

As we scale, we need to ensure a strong and reliable technical foundation, build for healthcare across the globe, and move fast while maintaining high quality.

Where we’re located

With San Francisco as our headquarters, we are building 2 additional hubs in Salt Lake City and New York City - all NexHealth leaders work in these locations.

That said, we hire top talent everywhere - 100+ Nexers are scattered across the globe.

How Nexers feel

We survey Nexers twice annually to improve the employee experience.

Why work here

Career growth

Be it upward mobility or sideways departmental transitions, you’ll be supported to pursue your passion in alignment with our business objectives.

Learning & Development

Opportunities are endless in our hyper-growth environment. You’ll have access to top-tier leaders and colleagues who will support your growth.

World-changing company

Joining NexHealth means making a positive impact in society. Help us accelerate healthcare innovation.