One API for EHR integrations

With the ability to connect to many electronic health record systems, NexHealth streamlines integrations with a single API for healthcare.

Who’s building with NexHealth

Powering healthcare innovation

NexHealth makes it easy to integrate healthcare data using a single API. The API enables engineering teams to build new products that connect with EHR systems while adding tremendous value to the overall patient experience.


Universal interface

Enables developers to use healthcare data in any capacity they want, regardless of customer EHR or PM System.

More than a data layer

Bundles common functionalities like secure patient SMS, so you can create products without layering on additional APIs.

Reduce production costs

Cuts down on development time by reducing high-value tasks and bypasses manual integrations for each EHR.

Build the future
of patient experiences

Optimize customer schedules for ROI.

Manage billing and patient collections.

Automate important patient information.

API in action | quipcare

With NexHealth, quipcare reduced development time by accessing our online booking functionality through the API, enabling integrations with provider PM Systems for booked appointments and other important patient details.

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