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Norbo Dental Gains $3,000 in Weekly Revenue with NexHealth Waitlist

We interviewed Kammie Ridley, the Director of Operations of Norbo Dental, to learn how they use NexHealth to fill 15 waitlist appointments per week, turning appointment gaps into revenue.

NexHealth Marketing
NexHealth Marketing
January 4, 2023



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The main selling point for me was the Waitlist feature and then also the sync time. How quickly a patient booking appointment shows on Dentrix. Because we actually had Dentrix for our patient communication system before they launched Patient Engage last year, their sync times were very slow.

It took at least ten minutes when a patient made an appointment online, for it to show up on our appointment book. So by the time it showed up, it was already taken. Because we have three doctors, six hygienists, we're so busy that we need something pretty much instant for it to work.

I will say the Waitlist feature is what saves us the most time. Before we used you guys, we were calling every single patient, until we filled holes on the schedule, which can be 15 hygiene appointments we're trying to fill a week, especially after COVID. So that's probably saving our girls 3 hours a day.

Even if we're filling 15 appointments per week, that's almost $3,000 at least. We wouldn't have been able to fill those before when we were sitting and calling each patient.

Challenge: Manual Patient Outreach is Not Sustainable

Father and son, Dr. Kirk and Justin Norbo have been running Norbo Dental in Purcellville, Virginia for 20+ years. Over two decades, Norbo Dental has consistently grown its patient count, but with more patients came an increase in patient no-shows and cancellations preventing its office from maximizing its calendar and revenue.

At its peak, Norbo’s waitlist was 245 patients long which required front office team members to manually call each patient to schedule appointments to get them back in the chair.

Kammie Ridley, the Director of Operations at Norbo Dental, said, “We were calling every single patient. It could be 15 hygiene appointments we’re trying to fill a week.”

The manual process was time-consuming and patients weren’t always responsive –  the team knew it was time to find a better solution.

The Solution Must Work Instantly

Norbo Dental sought a solution to quickly fill open slots in the schedule with waitlisted patients, but none of the options worked fast enough.

Kammie said, “When we used Dentrix Patient Engage, sync times to Dentrix [EHR] were always very slow. It took at least ten minutes from the time a patient makes an online appointment for it to show on our appointment book. By that time, the slot was already taken. Because we have three doctors and six hygienists. We're so busy that we need something pretty much instant for it to work.”

Norbo Dental switched to NexHealth because:

1. NexHealth’s Waitlist lets ASAP and Continuing Care patients book an appointment in one-click via text or email. Staff doesn’t have to call every patient manually.

2. NexHealth synchronizes with Dentrix in real-time. So when a patient books an appointment, the schedule is instantly updated and other waitlist patients are unable to book that appointment time.

Results: Turning Appointment Gaps into $3,000 of Weekly Revenue

“We're filling 15 appointments per week on the hygiene schedule [with NexHealth’s Waitlist]. That's almost a $3,000 increase in revenue. We wouldn't have been able to fill those before when we were sitting and calling each patient. And it’s saving our girls at least 3 hours a day just on cancellations,” said Kammie.

As NexHealth helps Norbo Dental automate the waitlist process and get more patients booked, the team is excited to announce that they will be expanding in 2023 with the addition of an associate dentist and two more hygienists.

“I have been referring other local practices to NexHealth,” said Kammie, “you guys make everything so easy to be customized based on what the doctors want, what the patients want, that it's really a no-brainer.”


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