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How Walnut Creek Dental Studio Triples Website Traffic and Gains 125+ Google Reviews

Learn how Walnut Creek Dental Studio built an online presence from the ground up and grew from 2 to 40+ new patients a month.

NexHealth Marketing
NexHealth Marketing
February 27, 2023



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I took over the practice from a retiring dentist who had been in practice here for 40 years.

The biggest problem we faced was bringing in new patients. The practice was solely relying on word of mouth because the previous doctor was an older doctor who didn't have an online presence.

So we had to figure out how are we going to attract new patients. We really care about the overall experience for the patient from start to finish. Being able to book online, being able to review us afterwards, and sharing their experience with us.

NexHealth was a solution that allowed us to do both those things. Number one, patients are more likely to register for an appointment. They can do it online even after hours and choose the time and date that work for them.

And number two, once they leave our office, if they had a great experience, then they can easily leave a review, which then drives SEO, and we get more people coming to our website and finding us.

After we implemented NexHealth, it was very exciting to see that we went from 0 Google reviews to 125 Google reviews in a very short period of time with an average of 4.9 stars.

And that really helped translate to more new patients per month. We went from 2-3 new patients per month to about 30-40 new patients. And we continue to see that with the help of NexHealth.

Challenge: Acquiring a Practice with 0 Online Presence

When Dr. Sara Davidson moved to California and acquired Walnut Creek Dental Studio from a retiring dentist, the practice had zero online presence or reviews and relied solely on word-of-mouth marketing. The lack of online presence made it challenging for the practice to attract new patients. 

Dr. Sara Davidson and her husband Steve Davidson, who manages Marketing Operations, recognized the need to rebrand, renovate, and create a contemporary patient experience.

Solution: A Modern Online and In-Person Experience

“After renovating, building a website, creating a logo, and setting up all of our profiles on Google and Yelp, the next important thing was to make sure that we had people coming to our website and could easily reserve an appointment online,” says Steve. 

Having considered dozens of patient experience platforms, they decided on NexHealth because:

1. 24/7 Online Booking gives patients the freedom to book appointments online even after hours, which encouraged more patients to book appointments with just a few clicks. Dr. Davidson and Steve also wanted real-time integration with their health record system to avoid miscommunication on the backend that could lead to double-bookings. 

“It was very important that the software syncs directly with Open Dental,” says Steve, “we couldn't find any other solutions that did that, and NexHealth did.”

2. Automated Review notifications are sent to patients after each appointment, encouraging them to leave a review that directly gets pushed to Google. “We wanted the reviews to be focused specifically on Google,” says Steve, “so that the online reviews will then drive SEO results and push our page rank even higher.”

Walnut Creek Dental Studio reviews template

Results: 125+ Online Reviews and 3x More Website Traffic

Implementing NexHealth had an immediate impact on the practice's online presence. Within a short period, the practice:

  • Went from 0 to 125+ Google reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 stars. 
  • Tripled in website traffic because Google reviews helped drive SEO
  • Grew from 2 to 40+ new patients per month from increased visibility
Walnut Creek Dental Studio Google reviews

“NexHealth is willing to go where other companies haven’t and solve really hard problems that make the healthcare experience really frictionless for practitioners and patients,” says Steve. With growth on autopilot, Walnut Creek Dental Studio can now focus on patient care and a potential expansion. 


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