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Instagram for Dentists: Using Instagram to Book Appointments!

The patient experience platform for doctors & developers

Join thousands of doctors, hundreds of developers, and millions of patients using NexHealth for EHR-integrated real-time online scheduling, patient communications, digital paperwork, and more.
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Trusted by the world’s most innovative practices and health tech companies

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NexHealth is built for doctors & developers

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Bidirectionally integrated Patient Experience solution helps you acquire, retain, and digitize your patient experience.

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One powerful RESTful API helps you integrate with multiple EHR and dental systems so that you can build and deploy your products faster.


Doctors get more appointments with NexHealth

Today’s practices use SEO and patient communication tools to attract and retain patients, but their efforts still fall short. The problem isn’t the tools – it’s that even though patients want to see you, they can’t easily book with you.
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Get more appointments

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NexHealth practices see an average of 18 new patients per month. We help you convert more visitors into patients with real-time scheduling embedded on your website, social media, and text/email messages.

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Retain your patients

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Bring your patients back with fully automated recalls, reminders, no-show follow-ups, and more.

Text and email communications come embedded with real-time scheduling so that patients can book with you anytime, anywhere – 24/7.

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Digitize the end-to-end patient experience

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From booking new appointments to convenient text and email reminders to digital forms to text-enabled billing, NexHealth has you covered.

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Developers build new products in weeks, not years

NexHealth lets you integrate with multiple dental and healthcare EHR systems with just one RESTful API.

Ambitious developers and health tech companies reduce the time it takes to build an integrated product from 18 months to just 6 weeks with NexHealth.

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Pediatric clinic gets 284 new monthly bookings with NexHealth

NexHealth helps medical and dental practices of all sizes and developers from leading health tech companies transform the patient experience, save staff time, and earn more revenue.

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