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Automated patient appointment reminders

Send patients text and email reminders for upcoming appointments and stay on top of your entire practice schedule.

Get more confirmations before patient visits

Automated reminders for every single booking
Edit reminder sequences to fit your practice needs
Confirmations updated automatically in your EHR system
Built for practices with up to 500 locations

Customizable reminders that work for you

NexHealth sends automated appointment reminders to patients via text and email messages tailored for your practice. The best part? Patients can confirm their visit directly from the message.
The first thing that caught my eye was appointment reminders. The next best thing is that NexHealth seamlessly integrates with MDLand and our practice website.”
— Asiye Bodur, Practice Administrator

Have more control over
a fuller schedule

Our customizable platform allows you and your staff to easily manage your practice calendar. With NexHealth, patients confirm 90% of appointments, so you can reduce no shows and generate more revenue.

Confirmations automatically added to your EHR

Confirmed appointments are instantly added to your EHR system, ensuring a flawless booking experience for both patients and staff.

Streamline patient activity management

Manage patient activity in the platform by viewing appointment reminders that are confirmed, sent, awaiting response, or pending.

Best practices for appointment reminders

By default, NexHealth sends confirmation messages during the daytime in a practice’s timezone and also sends to rescheduled patients.
“Email and text message reminders help remind patients what they need to bring to their appointment. We used to have to call ahead of time, but now we do it automatically with NexHealth.”
— Jamie Keller, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

An appointment reminder system
that works for you

Tailor appointment reminders to fit your unique practice needs. Give patients an extra nudge, add branding to messages, and enable easy rescheduling – all from one place.
Customize By

Toggle communication preferences for patients

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Pick and choose the types of text and emails patients receive to ensure they receive reminder confirmations.

Get personal with Smart Commands

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Smart Commands enable NexHealth to populate the practice name, patient name, confirmation button, and more.

Include important information

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Add safety measures, intake instructions, and more in the reminder messages that are sent before patient visits.

Review reminder message history

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View a historical record of email and text messages with timestamps and reply to patients directly from the messages.

Build your own sequences

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NexHealth sends text and email messages one week, two days, and two hours before the visit – or create your own cadence.

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More patient appointments = more practice revenue

Online scheduling increases new and existing patient conversions by being available to patients, wherever they are, 24/7. Use our cost calculator to see how real-time patient scheduling improves your practice revenue.
“The cost is so much more reasonable than what we were paying before. We’ve saved about $700 per month with NexHealth.”
— Maria Goss, Office Manager

Reduce no shows & reschedule missed appointments

Patients sometimes miss or cancel appointments. With NexHealth, even rescheduling appointments can be automated. Every time a patient is marked as “no show” or “cancelled” in your EHR, NexHealth automatically sends a follow-up notification for that patient.

See how automated appointment reminders can help your practice.

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