Stay top-of-mind with timely, relevant communications to your patient base.

Automated marketing messages with unlimited customizations.
  • Personalize texts and email campaigns.
  • Track email metrics within the NexHealth platform.
  • Embed online booking into patient emails and texts for higher conversions.
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  • Personalize texts and email campaigns.
  • Track email metrics within the NexHealth platform.
  • Embed online booking into patient emails and texts for higher conversions.
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Dental marketing strategies that engage your patients.

Dental marketing can rely on the tools your patients already use everyday. Email and text messaging are remarkably effective marketing tools for dentists. Research consistently shows that email marketing delivers an unbeatable ROI, with a recent study finding that email creates $38 in revenue for every dollar you invest. That's a lot of bang for your dental marketing buck. With NexHealth's integrated text and email marketing tools for dental practices, sending personalized patient campaigns is easy.

Customizability is super important for me; being able to customize our texts, and making those changes on the fly. Let's say I wanted to send out an email on coronavirus today, the platform allows for that.

Dr. Srijana Pokhrel
Dr. Srijana Pokhrel
Zen Dental Studio

Built for practices like yours

It's actually been one of the most helpful resources we've had as an office. What [they’ve] done to integrate with cloud-based software, which most companies have had a really hard time doing like Curve Dental or Dentrix Ascend, your schedule is always changing a little bit.

Dr. Jennifer Plotnick
Grand Street Dental

NexHealth integrating with MDLand saves us a whole bunch of time. I put in a new doctor, and that doctor gets integrated into NexHealth without me doing anything.

Asiye Bodur
Practice Administrator,
Bethany Medical Clinic of NY

Rather than having to do things manually, you have the ease of automating your systems. You have the ease of developing systems with a top notch customer service experience from a company that really cares.

Chief Operating Officer
dental practice

Personalize and track text and email marketing.

The best dental office marketing strategies speak directly to your patients, one-on-one. With NexHealth, customize your email marketing messages with your patients' first names, and even their birthdays. Track email engagement with built-in analytics, showing open and click rates to key in on which messages perform the best.

Case Study: How My Friend’s Dentist uses NexHealth messaging to deliver exceptional patient care

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use email and text messaging to grow my practice?

Patient communication is the #1 most important thing for patient retention

NexHealth allows for unlimited customizations to dental marketing messages, meaning you can automate and personalize your patient communication strategy across multiple channels. You can automate email and text message marketing strategies to include a regular newsletter cadence, raising awareness around new services and offerings, or personalized patient messages that offer unique promotions, i.e. birthday discounts, seasonal service offerings, or personalized discounts just for being a valued customer. 

With over 75% of people saying they’d enjoy receiving text or email messages from a brand they’ve opted in to, email and SMS dental marketing messages should be an integral part of your patient engagement strategy. 

To improve the patient experience after an appointment, send follow up messages about treatment, at-home care, and preventative health to show ongoing concern for your patients’ health.

Will an email and text messaging solution increase patient satisfaction?

Yes! People don’t like to feel confused or in the dark about their health. When they book an appointment with your clinic, they want to be treated with empathy and thoughtful attention. 

Similar to running through your patient experience, map out all communication touchpoints with your patients and identify top-performing channels as well as those that could use some improvement. 

Receiving text and email dental marketing messages makes it easier for patients to engage in their healthcare and take a more proactive role in their wellness plan. Email marketing for dentists also encourages patients to make appointments and further connect with practice staff, which all play a role in building a strong affinity with your dental practice, leading to an increase in patient satisfaction and retention.

How can I use email and text messaging to improve the patient experience?

Text and email marketing is a popular form of communication, and one that engages patients where they are. Many patients, especially younger patients, prefer communication via text or email and are more likely to engage with the channels they’re already comfortable with. Dental marketing messages also provide patients with another point of engagement with your practice staff. 

Your patients aren’t the only ones who will benefit from text and email marketing messages though. Your front office staff will also appreciate the increased efficiency, since NexHealth allows you to automate your dental marketing messages, making it more efficient (and convenient!) for practice staff to manage, allowing them more time to focus on improving the in-office patient experience.

Are apps like WhatsApp and Signal HIPAA-compliant?

No. Healthcare practices are required to act under rigorous and specific state and federal regulations regarding the safe-keeping of PHI, protected health information. NexHealth HIPAA-compliant patient communication solution allows you to provide an efficient, reliable way of communicating with patients in a secure, easy-to-use way. An added benefit of NexHealth’s HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for doctors is that it’s a full suite of tools designed to help grow your practice and acquire new patients, and also seamlessly integrates with many Practice Management Systems and other healthcare software solutions, including Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, CareCloud, eClinicalWorks, and more. Find out if we integrate with your system here.

What types of information can I send to patients using NexHealth’s messaging tools?

Text and email messages are allowed under HIPAA, as long as your clinic adopts software that secures patient data and that the information you include in your marketing messages is HIPAA-compliant. 

Here are a few best practices to ensure your dental marketing messages are secure: 

  • Limit the amount of private medical information in all appointment reminder communication. For example, instead of specifying that your communication is from “Cosmetic Dentistry Services”, make sure the reminder comes from “Dr. Allen.” 
  • Don’t use your patients’ names in reminders if you can avoid it.
  • Finally, don’t include information about diagnoses or treatment plans in reminders.
When should I reach out to patients with email or SMS/text messages?

Sending out dental marketing messages on a regular basis is part of an effective patient communication strategy. A monthly or biweekly newsletter is a good cadence to start with, and you can always increase or decrease the frequency of your secure communication from there. In addition to newsletters, send out text or email marketing messages when you’re launching a seasonal promotion, on a patient’s birthday, or when you have an update or specific aftercare instructions to share. Explore our patient messaging templates here.

Send dental newsletters

Send dental newsletters

Email marketing is the best way to keep your patients engaged, without being intrusive.

Promote new dental services

Promote new dental services

Text and email marketing are the easiest ways to let existing patients know about new initiatives and services at your dental practice.

Share holiday messages

Share holiday messages

Personally greet your patients on important dates, with NexHealth's email marketing tools.

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