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Email and text marketing is your biggest ally

The humble email and SMS have been around for decades and they’re still some of the most effective marketing tools out there. Research consistently shows that email delivers unbeatable ROI, with one recent study finding that it creates $38 in revenue for every dollar you invest. That’s a lot of bang for your buck. With NexHealth's PMS integrated email and text marketing tools, sending personalized marketing campaigns is easy.

Personalize and track email and text marketing

It's not enough to be able to send emails and texts to your patients. You need to speak to your patients one-on-one. With NexHealth, you can customize emails down to your patients' first names and even their birthdays. Of course, you're sending emails with the hopes that patients are actually reading them. With NexHealth, you can track both open and click rates!

Send newsletters

Email is the biggest way to keep your patients engaged without being intrusive.

Promote new services

Email and text are the biggest ways to let your existing patients know about new initiatives at your office.

Send holiday greetings

With NexHealth's email and marketing tools, you can personally greet your patients.

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