Eliminate paperwork and reduce security risks with digital forms for patients.

Custom digital patient forms for one-click patient information collection.
  • Build a better patient intake workflow.
  • Send online patient intake form requests via text and email links.
  • Customize digital patient forms with our white-glove service.
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  • Build a better patient intake workflow.
  • Send online patient intake form requests via text and email links.
  • Customize digital patient forms with our white-glove service.
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Customize digital patient forms.

Use the NexHealth Form Builder to easily digitize existing forms, and collect the patient health information your healthcare practice needs. Patient intake, medical history, authorization and consent forms are a few clicks away. Send digital forms to new and existing patients by text message or email – so it's easy for patients to provide the details you need and automate administrative tasks.

Whether it be consent forms or other types of health history, or just a review of the patient's health history, or if it's a six-month recall, patients are able to go directly into our practice management software and seamlessly enter the information.

Ariel Weiner
Ariel Weiner
Chief Operating Officer
Concerned Dental Care
Built for practices like yours

It's actually been one of the most helpful resources we've had as an office. What [they’ve] done to integrate with cloud-based software, which most companies have had a really hard time doing like Curve Dental or Dentrix Ascend, your schedule is always changing a little bit.

Dr. Jennifer Plotnick
Grand Street Dental

NexHealth integrating with MDLand saves us a whole bunch of time. I put in a new doctor, and that doctor gets integrated into NexHealth without me doing anything.

Asiye Bodur
Practice Administrator,
Bethany Medical Clinic of NY

Rather than having to do things manually, you have the ease of automating your systems. You have the ease of developing systems with a top notch customer service experience from a company that really cares.

Chief Operating Officer
dental practice

Online forms sync with your Practice Management System.

Automate the collection of patient information and centralize it within your existing practice management or EHR system. NexHealth seamlessly sends the health information captured in completed forms to patient records, saving your staff time, reducing the potential for data entry mistakes and eliminating the need for patients to spend extra time in waiting rooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using HIPAA-compliant online intake forms?

Implementing digital patient forms into your healthcare practice helps reduce unnecessary patient contact by supporting contactless visits and safer pre-visit screenings, keeping you, your staff, and your patients safe while reducing the risk of disease transmission. With digital patient forms, your patients can fill out any necessary health history information from the comfort of their home and submit their responses digitally for your staff to review. 

Using HIPAA-compliant online intake forms can also result in improved office efficiency and accuracy. NexHealth online forms save your staff time by reducing the need to manually transfer the collected information from the forms into patient records, minimizing the potential for data entry mistakes and misplaced paperwork. Digital patient forms also result in more accuracy from the patient, as some patients may not have all of the requested information when they’re in the office but can more easily access it when submitting personal information at home. 

The reduction in appointment waiting time results in more efficient office visits and an improved patient experience, two key components of growing your practice and retaining patients.

How does using online patient intake forms help me grow my practice?

Digital patient forms eliminate the need for paper forms, greatly reducing office waste, paper-related expenses, i.e. storing documents, printing costs, etc. More importantly, digital patient forms allow for a reduction in data entry errors as well as eliminating the time-consuming task of manual data entry, resulting in less time waiting during appointments and an enhanced patient experience. 

With less time focusing on migrating analog information into a digital patient health record system, your front office staff will have more time to focus on what matters most – patient experience, satisfaction, and engagement.

Why is it important to use HIPAA-compliant forms, rather than sharing data via email or online document sharing software?

Healthcare practices are required to act under rigorous and specific state and federal regulations regarding the safe-keeping of PHI, protected health information. NexHealth compliant forms allow you to provide an efficient, reliable way of collecting updated health history from patients in a secure, easy-to-use way.

Can I integrate NexHealth with my existing EHR or other practice management software?

Yes! NexHealth seamlessly integrates with many EHRs and other healthcare software solutions, including Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, CareCloud, eClinicalWorks, and more. Find out if we integrate with your Practice Management System or EHR here.

How can I share online intake forms with patients?

Digital patient forms can be shared via email and text messaging. For more information on setting up automated messaging, and to explore our messaging templates, check out our blog here.

Go contact-less
Go contact-less

Reduce the spread of infection by letting patients complete their medical information from home.

Reduce paper waste
Reduce paper waste

No need to fill out paper forms. Prompt patients to complete forms via text message or email.

Save staff time
Save staff time

Streamline your practice and free up office staff while improving the patient experience.

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