Send targeted patient recall campaigns to bring patients back to your practice.

Automated text & email messages synced with your EHR procedural codes.
Target patients by individual treatment plans.
Automate personalized texts and emails to patients.
Enable online booking from the recall message.
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Reengage your existing patient base.

To increase patient retention, sending postcards and phone call outreach results in wasted time for your staff. Automated recall is the solution that's convenient both for your staff and your patients, and allows patients to book their appointments in real time from their smartphones.

Automate new appointments and treatment adherence.

With NexHealth, deliver a seamless recall experience that keeps patients coming back to your practice – with no extra labor required. Giving patients the ability to book into your calendar directly from email or text increases conversion and delights patients while keeping them on track for their most important healthcare needs.

Save staff time

Unlike phone calls or other manual outreach efforts, digital recalls are fully automated to help increase retention.

Get more appointments

Bring patients back with a streamlined recall workflow that enables direct booking from your smartphone.

Customize messages

Patient recall displays your practice's unique personality. When patients feel connected, they become more loyal.

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