Retain more patients with automated Recall Campaigns.

Because acquiring new patients is 25 times more expensive than bringing back an existing one.
Target patients by treatment plans
Automatically trigger personalized texts and emails
Let patients book directly from the recall email or text
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Reengage existing patients

What's the most effective way to increase patient retention in 2020? It's not enough to send a postcard and hope patients find the time to call you (post card response rates are low for a reason). Outreach via phone calls isn't much better and it's a huge time sink for your staff. You need a solution that's convenient both for your staff and your patients. The answer: Automated recalls from NexHealth that let patients book their appointments in real time from their smartphones.

Effortless patient retention for your practice

With NexHealth, you can deliver a seamless recall experience that keeps patients coming back - with zero manual labor for your staff. Giving patients the ability to book into your calendar directly from the email or text increases conversion, but most importantly, wows your patients!

It saves time

Unlike phone calls or other manual outreach efforts, digital recalls are fully automated. Just turn on NexHealth and watch your retention rates spike.

10+ more appointments

If you want patients to come back, make it convenient for them with a friendly, streamlined recall experience where they can book their appointment directly from their smartphone or computer.

It's customized

Your digital recalls carry your practice's unique personality. When patients feel that personal connection, they become more loyal to your practice.

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