Communicate with patients anytime, anywhere with HIPAA-compliant SMS messaging.

Secure healthcare messaging solution for patients and providers.
  • Reach patients more effectively with SMS text messaging.
  • Send preventative care reminders, family messages, and more.
  • No account creation or app installation required.
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  • Reach patients more effectively with SMS text messaging.
  • Send preventative care reminders, family messages, and more.
  • No account creation or app installation required.
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Maximize your patient access.

By using secure messaging for healthcare communication, it's easy to reduce call volume and maximize access to your patients. Send practice updates, pre and post-op instructions, or even birthday messages – directly from the NexHealth platform. Patient messaging also works with booking appointments and sending digital forms and payments.

The text messaging platform is extremely valuable in being able to communicate with patients while they're at home or on the go.

Anthony D'Angelo
Anthony D'Angelo
Vice President of Operations
The Smilist

Built for practices like yours

It's actually been one of the most helpful resources we've had as an office. What [they’ve] done to integrate with cloud-based software, which most companies have had a really hard time doing like Curve Dental or Dentrix Ascend, your schedule is always changing a little bit.

Dr. Jennifer Plotnick
Grand Street Dental

NexHealth integrating with MDLand saves us a whole bunch of time. I put in a new doctor, and that doctor gets integrated into NexHealth without me doing anything.

Asiye Bodur
Practice Administrator,
Bethany Medical Clinic of NY

Rather than having to do things manually, you have the ease of automating your systems. You have the ease of developing systems with a top notch customer service experience from a company that really cares.

Chief Operating Officer
dental practice

Engage freely with secure patient text messaging.

In an Open Market survey, 63% of patients said they preferred texts over phone calls. One of the benefits of secure messaging is knowing your practice can finally meet patients where they are and lessen the disruption. Patient engagement has been shown to increase appointments booked and positively contribute to overall revenue. With two-way messaging from NexHealth, you can increase productivity and cost-efficiency with one convenient solution.

Case Study: Using NexHealth to achieve nearly 100% growth in under one year

Two-way integrations make patient communications easier.

We integrate with your Practice Management System to automate patient communications. Our platform helps connect important workflows to save your staff time, like enabling appointment reminders for multiple family members, or sending custom messages to patients for post-op instructions. Be more available to patients with SMS text and help create the best-in-class experience for patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a secure health messaging software?

There are many benefits to using a HIPAA-compliant text messaging software solution. First, patients prefer it. The ability to send secure messages and communicate in real-time with doctors and dentists enhances and simplifies the patient-provider relationship, and is a key ingredient in maximizing patient retention

Secure texting with patients also gives you easier and more instant access to your patients, increasing patient engagement. 

NexHealth’s HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for doctors seamlessly integrates with your other practice management software, creating a digital hub for your patients’ information and communication. 

Finally, secure messaging solutions for healthcare providers result in reduced call volume, making your front office staff more efficient and productive. Fewer calls to make and manage means more time saved for your staff and patients. Creating a few simple messaging templates for common messages sent to patients – appointment reminders, annual checkups, and new services offered, for example – can save staff time and ensure patient communication doesn't fall through the cracks. The more efficient your private practice, the more you can make it grow.  Efficiency is a crucial element to building a stable, profitable healthcare private practice. The faster you can get patients into your office, the more appointments you’ll be able to book, and the more you will increase revenue. 

How does NexHealth differ from other healthcare HIPAA secure messaging solutions?

Unlike other secure messaging solutions providers, NexHealth offers a full suite of practice management and healthcare marketing tools. Online booking, online payments, email and text marketing, and automated patient recall reminders are just some of the ways NexHealth supports the digital needs of your practice and patients.

Does NexHealth offer integrations with my existing Practice Management System?

Yes! NexHealth seamlessly integrates with many PM systems and other healthcare software solutions, including Dentrix, DrChrono and more.

What does NexHealth offer that is different from free healthcare messaging solutions?

NexHealth’s secure messaging solution is HIPAA-compliant, allowing you to seamlessly and securely send encrypted messages directly to your patients. 

NexHealth is the all-in-one suite that provides comprehensive digital solutions for your patients to book online, pay online, be reminded of upcoming appointments, and much more. 

With our reliable and ongoing product development, our software is constantly being updated with the latest innovations for each touchpoint of the patient experience. Expect new features and workflows geared towards easier, more efficient practice management. Our development team is highly responsive to customer feedback, so feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, requests, or concerns at [email protected].

Cut through the noise

Cut through the noise

Almost all text messages are opened and 90% are read within 3 seconds. To get a patients' attention, text is best.

Get quick responses

Get quick responses

Patients, like doctors, are always busy. Sending a text takes a few seconds and is more discreet than a phone call.

Save staff time

Save staff time

Replace tedious games of phone tag with real-time SMS messages, which free up your staff to focus on patient care.

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