NexHealth is built for DSOs

We created our product to specifically solve the complexities that come with DSOs.

Consolidate disparate vendors into an all-in-one platform

As a fast growing DSO you're adding new practices that bring in legacy software like a reminder system, an online booking system, or a review system that are different from your existing offices. Over time, this can lead to a hodgepodge various different vendors breaking your patient experience. NexHealth's all-in-one solution is here to consolidate and unify your patient experience into one solution.

Integrate with all of your practice management software at once

NexHealth integrates with 100s of practice management software to make your workflow simpler. We give you an all-in-one dashboard to manage your entire patient experience from one place.

Save from Extra Costs

NexHealth helps you save money by cutting extra vendor costs. No more outdated contracts no more wasted money. Now you can save money while modernizing your patient experience.

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