Empower your marketing team to drive more revenue

We'll help you convert more visitors into paying patients, bring back existing patients, and track it all in one place.

Acquire New Patients Without Breaking Your Wallet

Convert online traffic into new patients with real-time online booking. Improve your online reputation and give your patients the convenience of booking an appointment within seconds. Manual forms are outdated and leave room for error. With just a few clicks, new patients can book an appointment anytime, anywhere.

Retain Existing Patient with an All-In-One Management Platform

Managing existing patients has never been easier. With key features like recalls, reminders, two-way messaging, custom campaigns and templates, your team is empowered with the tools to stay on top of what matters most - your existing patients. What's more? Since NexHealth powers your offices with real-time online booking, rebooking an existing patient is as simple as a tap on their smartphones.

Modernize your patient experience and gain 5-star reviews

Providing great care alone is not enough today. We live in a world of unlimited movie streaming, one-tap food delivery, and even orthodontic care delivered home. Patients have come to expect the same level of convenience from their doctors. NexHealth helps deliver this level of convenience to your patients, from booking an appointment in real-time to even paying the office, all in one place.