Streamline your operations process and reduce time wasted

Integrate with multiple systems and centralize your patient experience for maximum efficiency.

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Automate Patient Communication
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Integrate with the Tools You Love
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Enhance Your Workflow Processes
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Automate Patient Communication

You can now customize and automate the way you communicate with your patients. Through NexHealth, all patient communication is centralized in one place, saving your staff from any time wasted. Automate workflows with booked appointments, reminders, recalls, campaigns, billing, no-shows, and cancellations, all-in-one place.

Integrate with the Tools You Love

NexHealth’s powerful bidirectional integrations allow you to put your Practice Management System to use. It eliminates the need for manual input and manual data entry. Having NexHealth is like having a full time staff member always on.

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Enhance Your Workflow Processes

Patients don’t care about your internal structure, but they do care about their experience. With NexHealth’s easy-to-use dashboard, you’ll be able to improve and organize your workflow processes for enhanced performance outcomes, helping remove human error from the equation. When it comes to your patients, providing a frictionless customer experience is what they want.

justin clements director of operations bright direction dental headshot
“Having all our patient communication auto-update into Denticon has been game-changing, and with NexHealth automating Google Reviews, we've seen a 225% increase in review volume, boosting our brand awareness with new patients.”
Justin Clements - Director of Operations, Bright Direction Dental
Arunav Chakravarty Photo
I have seen a lot of vendors out there. They always over promise and under deliver, but NexHealth was one of the few which was the other way around.
Arunav Chakravarty - Chief Executive Officer of ACE Dental of Texas
Melanie Basile
THE SMILIST headshot
With NexHealth, you set it and forget it. We use reminder texts and emails set up for pre-appointments, and then patients get digital payment links and are automatically rebooked 6 months out. Our office managers love the experience as much as the patients do.
Melanie Basile, Chief Growth Officer, The Smilist
Dr. Jennifer Plotnick
It's actually been one of the most helpful resources we've had as an office. What [they’ve] done to integrate with cloud-based software, which most companies have had a really hard time doing like Curve Dental or Dentrix Ascend, your schedule is always changing a little bit.
Dr. Jennifer Plotnick - Owner of Grand Street Dental
Asiye Bodur
NexHealth integrating with MDLand saves us a whole bunch of time. I put in a new doctor, and that doctor gets integrated into NexHealth without me doing anything.
Asiye Bodur - Practice Administrator of Bethany Medical Clinic of NY