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What is NexHealth Payments with Ledger Sync?

What is Ledger Sync?

NexHealth Payments with Ledger Sync will read outstanding balances from your health record system and then automatically post completed payments directly to your Dentrix or Open Dental ledger.

With NexHealth Payments and Ledger Sync, you’ll be able to:

  • See a list of patients with open balances from your ledger
  • Send individual or batch payment requests via text and email
  • Request a payment from the guarantor if the patient is a minor
  • Save time on collections with automated payment reminders
  • Charge patients only for procedures that have been reimbursed by insurance
  • Auto-sync payments to the right patient and procedure in the ledger

When will Ledger Sync be available?

Ledger Sync is in beta as a premium add-on for Dentrix and Open Dental users. All Ledger Sync functionality will be generally available by the end of April 2024. We’ll be rolling out Ledger Sync support for more practice management systems in the coming months.

How can I request access?

Dentrix and Open Dental users can click here to request early access and speak with a member of our team.