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Real-time online scheduling for better patient conversion

Online patient scheduling allows visitors to see your availability in real-time and schedule appointments on-demand from any location or device.

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to fit your needs
Instantly syncs with your practice schedule
Works on your website and (almost) anywhere else
Built for practices with up to 500 locations

#1 patient conversion tool for medical & dental practices

Our comprehensive patient scheduling system allows patients to see your availability in real-time and schedule appointments on-demand from any location or device for both new and existing patients.

Build your perfect practice schedule

NexHealth scheduling software fully customizes your schedule right out of the box. Our team of product experts helps implement both your calendar of record and your EHR system – no matter how complex your schedule.
Customize By

Appointment type

Set up any patient appointment type, such as consultations, routine visits, post-operative checkups, and more.

Appointment duration

A 30-minute consultation or a 3-hour surgery are easily customizable in your real-time practice schedule.


Assign custom availability for each provider at your practice, or block off time for holidays and lunch hours.


Easily customize availability for one or multiple practice locations in just a few clicks.

Operatories or exam room

Reserve specific rooms so you always have the right chair and equipment for dental procedures.

Patient type

Create appointments for any patient, like potential prospects and new and existing patients.

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NexHealth is the most polished and user-friendly online booking solution that’s available right now.
— A. Joseph Kennedy, DMD

Allow patients to book after hours with easy self-scheduling

Set available hours within your practice management system, and NexHealth does the rest. Our robust dental and medical booking software means more convenience for patients and less manual work for staff.

Automatically syncs with your practice schedule

New appointments sync every 30 seconds or 200 times faster than alternatives, so you're always up-to-date and never double-booked.

Customize the patient booking form for your needs

Control what patients see when they book appointments with custom fields like payment details, insurance information, and more.

Integrates with your website, Facebook & Google

Add a code snippet to your practice website, Facebook page, and Google My Business profile so patients can book with you directly.
Patients can confirm or reschedule their appointments on the go. We get fewer phone calls and more patients.
— A. Joseph Kennedy, DMD

Track practice performance for learning & growth

NexHealth goes beyond online patient scheduling. Simply add Google, Facebook, and other marketing pixels to track your most important practice metrics, including online conversions, appointments booked, messages sent, behavioral data, and so much more.

Everyone has busy schedules in NYC, and NexHealth allows our patients to make appointments online and confirm them – all on their smartphones!
— Azadeh Akhavan, DDS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can patients book with my practice in real-time?

Yes. NexHealth features a round-the-clock, real-time online patient booking system for your healthcare practice. Our software works by syncing with your existing management tools, allowing patients to book online whenever it’s convenient — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With NexHealth’s online appointment scheduling, there’s no more waiting time due to conflicting appointment requests or after hours phone tag. 

How can NexHealth patient booking software help me keep my existing patients?

Keeping patients happy depends on good communication. NexHealth software is a complete patient communication solution that does a lot more than just booking. Besides letting patients set appointments 24/7, it also:

  • Sends automated text reminders and recalls notifying patients of upcoming medical or dental services, helping to reduce no shows.

  • Notifies ASAP wait list patients of cancellations, so they can book an appointment on the same day.Enables you to send personalized marketing messages announcing promotions and new services that your patients may be interested in.

  • With many patients preferring the convenience of text messages over phone calls, NexHealth is a customer-centric solution that supports clear and stress-free communication with your patients.

With many patients preferring the convenience of text messages over phone calls, NexHealth is a customer-centric solution that supports clear and stress-free communication with your patients.

Will online booking help me to acquire new patients? 

Yes. In today’s fast paced world, healthcare practices that don’t offer online booking are missing out on valuable opportunities to acquire patients and revenue. NexHealth can help you attract new patients by making it fast and simple to book appointments online. Just add the NexHealth scheduling widget to your healthcare practice website, Google business listing, or Facebook page. Once installed, anyone can book an appointment with your practice in just one tap.

Can patients book appointments after hours?

Yes. The NexHealth scheduling widget updates in real-time, so patients can book an appointment with your office on weekends, holidays, and after hours and see exactly what appointments are available. All they need to do is choose a time slot that works, and their appointment confirms immediately. With nearly 3 out of 4 patients booking appointments during off-hours, having a 24/7 online patient booking system is both convenient and smart. 

Does NexHealth send appointment reminders after booking?

Yes, NexHealth automatically sends customizable text messages and email reminders that you decide when and how will go out. NexHealth also automatically handles your re-books and fill-in cancellations to keep your calendar full and reduce no shows at your office. It’s the all-in-one booking solution that’s a win-win for both practices and patients.