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Lone Star Smiles gets 20 new online bookings a month with NexHealth

Watch the video to learn how Lone Star Smiles uses NexHealth as an "invisible teammate" to automate scheduling, reminders, patient forms, and reviews to see more patients monthly.

NexHealth Marketing
NexHealth Marketing
November 21, 2022



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We opened as a very small team.

We had to all be the people answering the phone calls, scheduling people, and so we sat down and we said, okay, we need a software that can basically be a front desk person.

Have people fill out paperwork, put it into the computer, and then also make same-day recare calls. It was just a lot on a plate when you're a very small team.

Cancellations and no-shows were horrible when we first started.

Sending out reminders on Friday is too far in advance for an appointment on Monday.

And then we found NexHealth.

It not only checked off everything that we wanted, but it added more to it.

So it added the option for patients to pay via their phone.

We can send an email to everybody. And having NexHealth send out a text message that says, hey, we've missed you – you're due for a cleaning, and you can schedule right now via your phone.

10% of our patients have booked online, which is huge.

So when they walk in the door, we're ready to see them.

We're not waiting on paperwork or insurance or anything like that. We're ready to go.

It integrates seamlessly, especially into our Open Dental system.

Going from NexHealth to Open Dental, it's fully real-time.

Anything that I needed to get more training on, I felt like it was so easy to get that training. Train my doctor on how to use it if he needs to send out a message to his patients.

It has definitely helped give us more freedom and time away from the office, especially now that we're getting more patients.

NexHealth, to me, is like an invisible teammate who is working just as hard as I am to give my patients the best experience possible.


When Lone Star Smiles opened, they were a small team with too much manual admin work. Dr. Sutak noted, “the biggest time-sucker was paperwork. We had to print out patient forms and manually type them into systems each day.”  

Handling manual admin tasks became increasingly difficult as they grew. Without the bandwidth to pick up the phones and send reminders to every patient, no-shows and cancellations were common leading to lost revenue for their practice.


Ashley Sutak, the office manager of Lone Star Smiles, needed software “that can be a front desk person” and “integrates seamlessly with Open Dental.”

Because NexHealth syncs with Open Dental in real time, the small team automates patient scheduling, reminders, forms, and reviews.

“It’s amazing because as soon as I get a notification from NexHealth, then I go to Open Dental, and everything I need is already updated there. It’s so stress-relieving knowing NexHealth is there, and I don’t have to worry about information not getting entered correctly.”


To Ashley and Dr. Sutak, “NexHealth is like an invisible teammate who is working just as hard as I am to give my patients the best experience possible.”

With NexHealth, Lone Star Smiles automates 70% of their admin work including scheduling, reminders patient forms, and reviews to deliver a digital experience patients love. 

That’s why Lone Star Smiles has seen its active patient count grow to 1,000+ patients in just 5 months with more than 100 patients scheduling through Online Booking – an average of 20 online bookings a month.


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