Virtual waiting lists delight patients while advancing your calendar toward 100% fulfillment.

Automated ASAP List alerts help fill open appointment slots.
  • Easily replace missed or cancelled appointments.
  • Average wait list fill time is less than ten minutes.
  • Save staff time through text and email automation for waitlists.
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  • Easily replace missed or cancelled appointments.
  • Average wait list fill time is less than ten minutes.
  • Save staff time through text and email automation for waitlists.
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Refill your practice calendar.

Automated patient waitlists help improve patient retention and experience by offering immediate value to patients seeking your services. NexHealth’s waitlist software notifies patients of appointment availability through text and email, saving staff time and putting more bookings on your calendar.

Who wants to wait? You can see the schedule and you're like, "Okay, I can fit in this time." NexHealth automatically saves that time and puts you in the schedule.

Dr. Gordon Averill
Dr. Gordon Averill
26th Street Dental

Built for practices like yours

It's actually been one of the most helpful resources we've had as an office. What [they’ve] done to integrate with cloud-based software, which most companies have had a really hard time doing like Curve Dental or Dentrix Ascend, your schedule is always changing a little bit.

Dr. Jennifer Plotnick
Grand Street Dental

NexHealth integrating with MDLand saves us a whole bunch of time. I put in a new doctor, and that doctor gets integrated into NexHealth without me doing anything.

Asiye Bodur
Practice Administrator,
Bethany Medical Clinic of NY

Rather than having to do things manually, you have the ease of automating your systems. You have the ease of developing systems with a top notch customer service experience from a company that really cares.

Chief Operating Officer
dental practice

Automate waitlist outreach efforts.

Automated outreach from NexHealth’s waitlist app enables you to fill gaps in your calendar automatically – no phone calls required. Patients simply respond to the waitlist outreach text if they're interested. Once an appointment is booked, NexHealth notifies your practice and automatically updates your EHR or Practice Management System. Just like that, our waitlist software can take care of one less phone call for your staff and one less open slot in your schedule.

Case Study: Using healthcare automation to build a 5-star NYC dental practice

Automated schedule management with two-way integrations.

Integrating with NexHealth means instant syncs your Practice Management System waitlist information to automate rebooking appointments. NexHealth helps fill your waitlist by reaching out to patients to fill last minute open slots. Patients who respond will get automated confirmation via text and email, and patients who confirm are automatically added to your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does offering automated waitlists help me to grow my practice?

Offering automated waitlists to your patients allows for patient self-scheduling, making the entire online booking process much more simple and efficient, and enhances the overall patient experience. With automated waitlists, it’s much easier for new patients to quickly book an appointment at their convenience, increasing the chances that they will choose you time and time again. 

When you implement automated waitlists and patient self-scheduling into your practice, you’re saving your reception staff hours of time making phone calls and playing endless games of phone tag. Now your staff has more time to focus on what really matters – making the in-office patient experience even better. 

A waitlist management system allows your patients to seamlessly fill last-minute cancellations, without needing to involve your practice staff. Keeping your calendar as full as possible helps make the most of your available time slots by reducing available appointments, so you’re not losing out on potential revenue. 

Automated virtual waitlists are a 24/7 service, unlike your physical staff. You can set up patient self-scheduling so online booking capabilities are outside of normal business hours, when patients are more likely to engage with your practice.

With NexHealth, you can also set up automated appointment reminders to reduce last-minute appointment no-shows and cancellations.

Will NexHealth waitlist management integrate with my EHR and practice management software?

Yes! An added benefit of NexHealth’s automated virtual waiting list is that it’s a full suite of tools designed to help grow your practice and acquire new patients, and also seamlessly integrates with many EHRs and other healthcare software solutions, including Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, CareCloud, eClinicalWorks, and more. Find out if we integrate with your EHR or PM system on the integrations page.

What are the benefits of using an automated waitlist system?

Fill last minute appointment cancellations with a waitlist management system that allows patient self-scheduling. With an easy, tech-centric solution, patients can book appointments with you from the privacy and comfort of their own home, on their terms. A waiting list system also helps to reduce patient times by displaying your real-time availability, making it simple for patients to choose appointment times that best fit their busy schedules. 

An automated waitlist system is a huge benefit to your patients, but your front office staff will also thank you. Gone are the days of your staff making endless phone calls to patients to fill appointments. Less time making and returning phone calls means more time to focus on enhancing and improving the in-office patient experience.

Why choose NexHealth over standalone appointment scheduling software?

NexHealth is a fully integrated suite of tools, including online billing, telehealth, and customizable healthcare marketing solutions. Our integrations with a variety of EHRs and practice management software allow you to seamlessly collect and review patient information, all from a single dashboard.

NexHealth is the all-in-one solution that’s easy to use and simple to implement. Improve your healthcare office efficiency with our automated approach to practice management.

Make it brief

Make it brief

Even busy patients can respond to texts. Automated messages to patients on the waitlist help make the decision easier for them.

Retain current patients

Retain current patients

Nearly half of appointment cancellations are filled with ASAP List, which positively contributes your bottom line.

Save time and effort

Save time and effort

Staff members waste time dialing down waitists, so our waitlist solution is fast and completely automated.

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