Gain valuable insight into patient behavior.

Dashboard analytics with multiple KPIs and reporting for your practice.
Easily track appointments, patient satisfaction, and more.
Intuitive visualization of data.
Integrates with your practice management or EHR system
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Optimize for practice performance.

As a doctor and business owner, it's important to understand your performance to make more informed business decisions. Are you booking fewer appointments this week? Seeing more cancellations recently? Gathering data across multiple platforms can be overwhelming, so we've made it easy to build a stronger practice with data available in the NexHealth platform.

Analyze data for top results.

Visit the NexHealth dashboard to see a clear, visual breakdown of your practice performance. Critical data is found here, including visits booked, reschedules, cancellations, and patient satisfaction ratings. Weekly emails summarize your dashboard analytics to keep you informed.

Increase performance

Our analytics dashboard makes it easy to uncover pain points and track your improvement over time.

Receive valuable feedback

Gain valuable insights from your patients and source honest feedback, while watching your average rating increase.

See NexHealth in action

With NexHealth, we're your partner in practice growth. Our robust analytics platform helps you thrive.

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