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Advanced Dermatology returns to NexHealth to digitize the patient experience for 54 locations

Advanced Dermatology has 54 practices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, providing high-quality dermatology services from medical professionals. After leaving NexHealth, they saw a 65% drop in new patients and reinstated NexHealth to boost patient volume with an easy booking experience that auto-updates to their EHR system, Medical Manager.

NexHealth Marketing
NexHealth Marketing
June 2, 2022



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Advanced Dermatology prides itself on offering world-class dermatology services from highly-trained medical professionals. While patient care is the highest quality, the digital patient experience at Advanced Dermatology was 35 years behind. They needed to modernize the patient experience with easy online scheduling, two-way messaging, integrated online reviews, and automated after-care follow-up.

Advanced Dermatology selected NexHealth to provide a tech-forward solution to patient care in 2018, when NexHealth was a seed stage startup. After a successful few years with NexHealth, they switched to a new solution they received for free.

Advanced Derm quickly saw the cost of “free.” They experienced a 65% drop in new patients as their digital patient experience suffered with an unreliable solution that did not integrate with their EHR system, Medical Manager.

Without NexHealth, call center volume spiked. This led to more manual data entry, physical paperwork, and longer patient wait times. The patient experience suffered, leading to higher costs and loss in revenue.

In the fall of 2021, Advanced Dermatology went through a leadership change. Richard Zinnecker joined as CEO along with CFO Ian Osharow. After reviewing the numbers, they knew they needed to bring NexHealth back.


Richard and Ian viewed NexHealth as a core part of Advanced Dermatology’s historical success and future strategy.

It took only three weeks to get all 54 practices fully re-onboarded. They saw the volume of new patients increase by more than 2,000 per month with NexHealth reinstated.

“No one wants to book an appointment over the phone anymore,”  said Zinnecker. “NexHealth makes booking an online appointment easy and accurate, taking all the friction out of patient scheduling.”

Advanced Dermatology now uses NexHealth for online booking, patient communication, and online reviews. Since NexHealth is fully integrated with Medical Manager, their EHR system, when patients book online, the data is auto-updated to the EHR, saving the staff team hours each day.


Advanced Dermatology now books more than 2,000 new patient appointments a month through NexHealth.

“We want the majority of our appointments booked online,” said Zinnecker. “Our goal is to have 15,000 appointments a month booked through NexHealth.”

More online booking means less volume in the call center, reducing costs and avoiding data errors.

Another benefit from NexHealth is easily sourced online reviews. The practice saw a 2x increase in online reviews, and most of those are now 5-star reviews.

“We need to leverage technology to create a better experience for patients,” said Zinnecker. “NexHealth frees the front desk so our office team can focus on patient care, not answer the phone.”


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