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How Allen Dental Group Has Over 130+ Five-Star Reviews Using NexHealth Communications

Allen Dental Group faced challenges with piling paperwork and manual communication processes. By implementing NexHealth, they streamlined their operations, saved time for both staff and patients, and received over 130 five-star Google reviews.

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Introduction: Three Generations of Dentists

Founded in 1947, Allen Dental Group has been a trusted provider of dental care for the community of Corpus Christi, Texas. With a rich legacy that includes Dr. William Allen, Dr. Charles Allen, and Dr. Chad Allen, they have consistently delivered high-quality dental services to their patients.

Problem: Manual, Error-Prone Processes

As years went by, stacks of patient records, forms, and other essential documents were piling up, creating a logistical nightmare for the staff. The manual process of managing patient communications, as well as scanning and inputting patient data was not only labor-intensive but also prone to errors. It was evident that they needed to find a solution to streamline their administrative tasks and create a smoother patient communication experience.

Solution: An Automated Patient Communication System

Recognizing the need for a modern and streamlined approach, Lindsey Ogle, the Patient Coordinator at Allen Dental Group, set out to find a solution that would alleviate the burden of paperwork and improve the overall patient experience.

Her search led her to NexHealth, which transformed their patient communication process:

1. Messaging: The team can efficiently send medical forms, reminders, payment links, and other information to patients via text or email, eliminating the need to spend hours each day making phone calls to reach them.

2. Forms: “From day 1, we were sold on the communication aspect and especially the electronic forms,” Lindsey states. It allows patients to complete and submit forms digitally before they come into their appointment and it syncs directly with their practice management system, Dentrix.

3. Reviews:  NexHealth automatically triggers review requests to patients following their appointments. Satisfied patients will receive automated prompts to repost on the practice’s Google Business page.


Results:130+ Five-Star Reviews

Implementing NexHealth brought significant improvements to Allen Dental Group's operations. NexHealth streamlines processes, saving both staff and patients time while enhancing the overall patient experience. Because of the automated communication process with NexHealth, Allen Dental Group received more than 130+ five-star Google reviews from satisfied patients.

“With all the advancements in dentistry, we love seeing new technologies come out that make the appointments better. Patients are able to schedule appointments online and directly leave reviews after appointments. This is GOLD to us,” says Dr. Chad Allen.

Dr. Chad Allen, Dentist & Owner

Since using NexHealth, we have saved a ton of time. The patients no longer have to sit in the waiting room and my team no longer has to scan or input data.

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NexHealth Reviews


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Five-star Google Reviews with NexHealth



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