Apex Dental Partners Gets 100s of 5-Star Patient Reviews across each of their 40+ Locations

Apex Dental Partners prioritizes outstanding patient care across 40+ locations by unifying and enhancing patient communication with NexHealth. Their streamlined process ensures consistent patient experiences, leading to 98% five-star ratings and setting a gold standard in dental care.

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Background: Apex’s mission is to provide outstanding patient care

For Apex Dental Partners, patients have always been at the core of their mission and the heart and soul of their practices. The organization’s primary objective is to deliver top-tier business and administrative support to the dental practices they acquire to ensure their clinical teams are unburdened from administrative business tasks and can dedicate their energy to providing the same outstanding patient care across its 40+ locations. David Lohmann, CEO, said, “Whether our patients walk into a practice in Austin, Oklahoma City, or even Denver, they should recognize the difference."

Problem: Traditional systems that don’t work together

While patient satisfaction has always been the North Star for Apex Dental Partners, the organization identified a key area of improvement: patient communication. When Apex acquires a new dental office, it comes with its own technology stack, featuring a practice management system (PMS) and varying communication systems to text, email, and call patients. 

Matt Hale, President & COO, said, “One of the biggest challenges in creating an outstanding patient experience is effective patient communication. In a dental office, it can be very hard to communicate effectively with patients because you've got different people touching the patient experience.”

The issue is that traditional systems have proven inadequate in consolidating these communication channels, hindering Apex Dental from creating a standardized patient experience. 

However, Apex Dental Partners recognized the need for a unified view of patient communication to meet their needs effectively.

Solution: Apex Dental Partners uses the NexHealth Synchronizer with its three unique health record systems 

Apex Dental Partners found its solution in NexHealth, a patient experience platform that “seamlessly integrates online scheduling with any of our practice management systems, whether it was Dentrix, EagleSoft, Denticon, or any of the other ones that we have,” said Matt Hale.

With NexHealth, Apex is able to standardize its patient experience across each of its 40+ locations in five easy steps:

  1. Patients book their appointments from any of Apex Dental Partners’ practice websites.
  1. Irrespective of what PMS the practice uses, the patient's appointment appears on the calendar in real time.
  2. Then the patient receives an automated reminder two weeks, two days, and two hours before the appointment.
  3. Post-appointment, a text was sent out soliciting patient feedback, streamlining the feedback loop. High scores become opportunities to boost their online reputation on Google, whereas low scores trigger a message to the office to address feedback that needs to be acted on. 
  4. And if the patient has any outstanding payments, the office can send a link to pay for their service online.


Conclusion: All 40+ locations each have 100’s of 5-Star Reviews

Apex Dental Partner's commitment to patient satisfaction and partnership with NexHealth has translated into loyal patients. Jake Dold, CMO, said, “Over 98% of our patients leave us a five-star rating. Most of our offices have over 100 five-star reviews on Google now, and some are approaching 1,000.” The overwhelming number of positive reviews is a testament to their dedication to creating a seamless patient journey, setting a benchmark for dental practices everywhere. 

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of its 40+ practices have 100’s of 5-Star Reviews

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