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Bright Direction Dental selects NexHealth to digitize the patient experience for more than 20 locations

Bright Direction Dental has more than 20 practice locations across the Midwest, creating a community of premier doctors that are committed to delivering clinical excellence and a world-class patient experience. To better support this commitment, Bright Direction Dental wanted to give its doctors the best platform for two-way messaging and reminders with patients. After evaluating a series of solutions, they chose NexHealth as the only platform that could write directly into their newly selected practice management software platform.

NexHealth Marketing
NexHealth Marketing
July 19, 2022



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Justin Clements, Director of Operations at Bright Direction Dental, posted a simple question on LinkedIn: "Who does everyone recommend for a two-way texting platform for their dental practice software?" The post was flooded with responses, with Justin getting 123 comments and 38,000 impressions. One name that kept coming up in the comments was NexHealth.

The Bright Direction Dental team was in the process of unifying all of its practices onto a common practice management platform.

"Our practices were spending multiple hours a day transcribing data into Denticon," Justin said. "Practices want to spend their time focused on patients. The lack of automation was holding us back."

He wanted to equip the practices with the best system for communicating with patients that auto-updated directly into Denticon. Justin evaluated many of the traditional industry players but none of the solutions could write into Denticon and solve the automation challenge.

After hearing from the dental community in his LinkedIn post, NexHealth was firmly on Justin's radar as the best solution that could sync in real-time with Denticon.


Justin and Bright Direction Dental selected NexHealth as its patient communication platform. NexHealth automates all the communication to the patient – such as emails and texts before an appointment – and auto-updates that information directly into Denticon. Justin estimates that the automation power feature saves each practice 2 hours daily.

"Many look at automation as cost reduction, but we see it as a value booster," Justin commented. "With NexHealth, we can automate all email and text communications, creating a personalized experience for patients and giving the office team hours back in the day. Those hours ultimately allow for our teams to spend more time building relationships with the patients in front of them and those calling in.”

Automated communication is especially beneficial for new patients. NexHealth offers the flexibility to send reminders an hour before an appointment – most platforms only send a day before – reducing cancellations from new patients.

Justin also loved NexHealth's ability to automate sending reviews to every patient after each appointment. NexHealth syncs directly with Google Business Reviews, so once an appointment is completed, NexHealth automatically prompts the patient to add the review directly on Google.

Practices used to receive 3-4 reviews per month. With NexHealth, now some practices are getting 5-10 reviews per week. The automated reviews have increased both review volume and quality. Bright Direction Dental locations now stand out from competitors when patients search online, increasing the volume of new patients.


Bright Direction Dental practices save 2+ hours with NexHealth's two-way messaging. Locations can also receive picture messages from texts, allowing patients to send insurance information or even photos of teeth, giving doctors information before an appointment to deliver better care.

With NexHealth, Bright Direction Dental has seen an average 225% increase in review volume for each location.

"Having all our patient communication auto-update into Denticon has been game-changing," said Justin. "And with NexHealth automating Google Reviews, we've seen a 225% increase in review volume, boosting our brand awareness with new patients."

Bright Direction Dental utilizes NexHealth's 1:1 onboarding experience, providing each location with a personal onboarding manager to get the location up and running.

"I had no idea that one simple LinkedIn post would blow up the way it did," said Justin. "But I appreciate the dental community coming together and voting on NexHealth."


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