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Dr. Watson Gains 18 Patients a Month using NexHealth Online Booking

Watch the video to learn how Dr. Michael J. Watson in Millcreek, Utah uses NexHealth to put Online Booking on autopilot and gain 18 new patient bookings a month.

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NexHealth Online Booking
NexHealth Forms
One-Click Recalls
NexHealth Messaging
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In the last 20 years, patient expectations and scheduling patients has changed quite a bit. Before we signed up with NexHealth, we used several different service providers and we always had trouble syncing with our software systems.
Life before NexHealth was frustrating. I had come into my day, I'd have missed calls, and sometimes I wouldn't even have messages from those missed calls.
With NexHealth, patients can be at home and go on our website and look at our schedule, and if it works for them, they can just book it right there.
Just yesterday, we had an open chair at 02:00 and I went to lunch. I came back and I had a patient. We were really happy because our chair was filled, our hygienist was efficient, and we didn't have to do anything.
We are seeing on average of about 18 new patients a month through our online booking, and they've come in very easily because they set their own appointments.
It's made our scheduling more productive and it's filled our chairs more. If you're a dentist looking for software, I would recommend NexHealth.
I don't have to think about it and I know it's done.


In his 20+ years of running a dental practice in Millcreek, Utah,  Dr. Michael J. Watson has seen how patient expectations and scheduling patients have changed in the last twenty years. “In the early days, patients used to fill out charts before each appointment, and patient paperwork would always get lost,” said Dr. Watson. Today, patients look for a convenient, digital experience.

Before implementing NexHealth, Dr. Watson had tried a number of other solutions to modernize his patient experience and streamline admin workflows. The problem: those solutions did not sync information with their health record system in real-time, creating more manual work for his team.

“Life before NexHealth was frustrating,” said Gabriella, the office manager. “Missed calls could be patients we never hear from again.” The team knew it was time for a better solution that could sync directly with Open Dental to cut more admin work, fill more empty chairs, and create a digital experience patients love.


Dr. Watson’s team digitized their patient experience by enabling Online Booking for patients. This is how it works:

  1. Dr. Watson customizes NexHealth to fit his schedule“We can define where we have open spots, and tone down or increase our availability if we need to.”
  2. Patients book Dr. Watson from their own phones “Patients like the convenience and love not having to wait.”
  3. Patients' appointments go into Open Dental in real-timeTypically, practices that use online scheduling see double bookings. However, because NexHealth syncs with Open Dental in real-time, the patient’s appointment goes directly into Dr. Watson’s calendar.“Now there’s no confusion or overlaps with patient data.”


NexHealth maximizes Dr. Watson’s practice schedule, bringing the practice 18 new patients a month while saving his front office team more than 3 hours daily on admin work.

“Just yesterday, we had an open chair, and I come back from lunch, I already had a patient in that chair. We were really happy because our chair was filled, and we didn’t even have to do anything.”

Michael J. Watson D.D.S.

NexHealth delivers us new patients, makes our scheduling more productive, and keeps our chairs filled

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Product Used
NexHealth Online Booking
NexHealth Forms
One-Click Recalls
NexHealth Messaging
Automated Reminders

18 New patients

a month via Online Booking

3+ Hours saved

daily on admin tasks


Open Dental

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