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February Product Update

80 product updates made in February to Online Booking, Forms, Patient Communications, Appointment Journeys, and Payments

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Enlive will officially sunset in
  1. New NexHealth Messaging: organize and track patient and staff conversations
  2. Our fastest Online Booking experience yet: patients can book an appointment start to finish in 17-seconds
  3. New for multi-location groups: send an Online Booking link for a single brand or geography
  4. New for Dentrix customers: automatically read holiday and working hours
  5. Easier iPad forms and packets management

We’ve also made 75 additional improvements to Online Booking, Forms, Patient Communications, and Payments – changes and additions that make it easier for you and your patients to use NexHealth.

Read on to learn more about the product updates now available in NexHealth.

1. Mark messages as unread, hide and delete conversations, and keep track of office staff response

Patients love to communicate with their healthcare providers via text, which means your practice probably spends a lot of time in NexHealth Messages. We’ve made major improvements to Messages, making it more intuitive and useful.

You can now mark patient messages as unread by right-clicking on the patient conversation in Messages. Right-clicking also allows you to delete or hide the conversation, keeping your Messages inbox organized.

We have also rearranged the positioning of messages so that all staff messages are now on the right side of the conversation while patient messages are on the left. This change makes it easier for practices with multiple staff members using NexHealth to quickly identify who sent which message.

2. New Online Booking: Fast Just Got Faster

In case you haven’t heard, fast just got faster. This month we rolled out our speediest version of Online Booking yet, which allows patients to schedule an appointment from their computer or mobile device in as fast as 17 seconds.

We already rolled this out to all customers who are using NexHealth Online Booking. Practices are seeing a higher percent of patients convert to new appointments due to the faster booking speed.

If you want to get the most out of Online Booking, be sure to save the date for our upcoming webinar - How to Get 10+ More Patients per Month with Online Booking - on March 22nd. We’ll be sending out more information and a chance to RSVP soon!

3. Allow patients to view locations by brand or specialty when using Online Booking

Multi-location practices often have more than one brand or specialty under their practice umbrella, which can overwhelm patients who are looking to schedule online.

Along with faster-than-ever scheduling, these groups can now use multi-location booking widgets to show real-time availability for several selected offices of a specific brand, location, or specialty in a single link. This helps direct patients to the right group of offices when booking online so that there is no confusion about where and when to book.

Follow these steps to create a multi-location booking widget:

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab in NexHealth and select Widgets
  2. Use the Locations section to add multiple offices to one online booking view
  3. Add your multi-location Widget to your website, or replace an existing “Schedule Appointment” button with your new URL

4. Easier iPad forms and packets management

Managing forms and packets on the iPad is important for offices that frequently have patients completing paperwork in the waiting room. However, it wasnt always clear when customers were in ‘editing mode’ in order to manage forms and packets.

We’ve simplified the iPad user experience to make it easier for customers to manage packets from the iPad. Specifically, we removed the gray START button, the camera button, and the patient search boxes - all of which were not usable while managing packets.

5. Reading working days and holidays in Dentrix

Great news for our Dentrix customers: NexHealth can now read holidays and closures from Dentrix and reflect those dates as unavailable in Online Booking. This helps prevent patients from booking appointments online on days that your office is closed, avoiding any potential scheduling conflicts or misunderstandings.

Practices that are using Dentrix will no longer need to manually add event blocks to your health record system schedule, eliminating a tedious extra step for office staff.

Practice and Patient Improvements

Online Booking

  1. Patients can reliably schedule for someone else.
  2. Patients can bypass “payment required” field as needed
  3. Patients are redirected to the customer’s preferred page instead of the generic NexHealth page post-booking
  4. Booking by operatory shows available appointment times as expected
  5. Booking by operatory reflects operatory availability and not provider availability
  6. When scheduling online, patients correctly see providers that accept their insurance
  7. Booking by “appointment type” reflects correct appointments
  8. Customers can set specific appointments for working hours pulled from the health record system
  9. Canceled appointment error notifications to office staff now say "this appointment was not canceled in your health record system"
  10. Customers correctly see new Online Booking events in their Google Analytics consoles
  11. Patient’s preferred or selected location shows automatically when booking
  12. Appointments display in the correct time zone in the practice’s calendar view
  13. Availability shows correctly when booking by operatory and passing a location ID to the URL
  14. Canadian clients can book appointments as we now accept letters and numbers in postal codes
  15. New patients that were previously reflected incorrectly as ‘existing’ are now appropriately showing as ‘new’
  16. Patients can no longer book an appointment that should take one hour in a 30 minute time slot
  17. After booking, patients are directed to the correct practice URL
  18. Going back a page in appointment-specific booking links retains appointment filters previously set
  19. Practices now see the correct logo per location for multi-location accounts
  20. Decreasing screen size continues to display correct provider appointment availability
  21. Online Booking allows patients to only book future dates
  22. Patients booking from a multi-location widget are no longer redundantly asked which location they prefer after selecting their appointment slot
  23. Appointment availability displayed correctly when booking by operatory
  24. Online appointment requests display the correct time in the dashboard and patient files


  1. Spanish form templates now available when customizing forms & packets
  2. Practice staff can now submit pictures under ‘Other Documents’ and they will display in the patient’s chart.
  3. Improved usability for customers with more differentiation between the green “Complete” and dark yellow “Uploaded” buttons
  4. Patient Health History imports to patient file correctly
  5. Dropdowns sync to any field in the patient’s health record system file
  6. Corrected patient sex field so new Patients can be successfully created after completing New Patient forms
  7. Restored manual sync for completed paperwork
  8. Demographic information in the patient’s file no longer unexpectedly clearing
  9. Introduced error message for incorrect state abbreviation entries
  10. Enlive requests that were previously failing to be marked “complete” are now accurately labeled
  11. Improved the quality of Forms syncs
  12. New patients’ information is correctly updated in the health record system file
  13. Offices can send form requests via the patient profile in NexHealth
  14. Practices can load patients who belong to more than one location to their iPads, enabling those patients to complete forms in the office
  15. All forms in a packet are now displaying when submitted; previously only one of multiple forms was displayed
  16. Practice staff can now submit pictures under ‘Other Documents’ and they will display in the patient’s chart.
  17. Forms no longer bounce unnecessarily to the top of the page when a patient accidentally skips a field
  18. Open Dental Medical History imports to the patient file as expected
  19. Updating Forms also updates any existing Form requests for patients
  20. Forms submitted as ‘Other Documents’ upload into the patient file as expected
  21. NexHealth Form requests no longer show forms that are not already in Enlive
  22. Provinces entered on forms correctly save without single quotes– for example AB as intended, rather than ‘AB’

iPad Forms

  1. Customers can add a picture or referral note via ‘Attach Other Document(s)’
  2. Patient’s date of birth on iPad now matches the patient profile– no longer displaying one month ahead of the patient’s actual birthday
  3. Parents or guardians filling out medical history can tap “next” or “done” after page 2 to successfully continue or complete forms for a minor
  4. Practices can initiate a Forms session from the office iPad
  5. Health history populates into a patient’s health record system file as expected instead of erroneously blanking out
  6. Medical history form displays correctly on iPads
  7. Completed forms now accurately marked as complete in the main dashboard and patient’s activity feed

Patient Communications (Messaging, Reminders & Campaigns)

  1. We now confirm when a customer uploads a logo for their practice that the file they upload is actually an image, helping to reduce unintentional errors
  2. Patients’ message history reflects correct locations
  3. All patients without an upcoming appointment are captured in the appropriate campaign filter
  4. Patients who had previously opted out of Campaigns no longer appear on the recipients list
  5. Timezones convert correctly when booking patients for multiple appointments
  6. Marking a location inactive no longer prevents customers and NexHealth customer support from successfully editing multi-location templates
  7. Templates propagate successfully for affected multi-location customer
  8. We now capitalize “Today” in SmartCommands
  9. Patients receive the correct Post-Appointment Template
  10. New patients receive one New Patient Template SMS as opposed to two or none at all
  11. Customers are able to use multiple Campaigns filters without a timeout error
  12. When creating a new campaign, a provider is able to be selected and saved, enabling the correct list of patients to receive the campaign.
  13. Long texts now wrap into a block instead of one long line
  14. Waitlist includes patients who indicate they would like to book sooner if possible (previously those patients were erroneously excluded)
  15. New patients receive one welcome message as intended, instead of multiple
  16. Improvements were made to address issues related to incorrect appointment reminders
  17. Templates previously appeared to accept pasted images and then sent text blocks to patients; we now make clear that images need to be added via the image uploader, not copied and pasted directly into the template
  18. One-Click Booking books Existing Patient Cleanings for the full 60 minutes instead of 15 minutes
  19. CSV downloads from the Analytics tab correctly pull data for all locations

Appointment Journeys

  1. Enterprise customers booking via a call center correctly see only intended appointments rather than all appointments assigned to a provider
  2. Health Record System appointment type mapping no longer creates an error for Appointment Journeys


75. Payment analytics show a single location’s payment history instead of total history.

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