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March Product Updates

NexHealth has released over two dozen updates--including 7 major features--to improve your patient experience, and save office staff time— powered by the Synchronizer.

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This March, we introduced seven new features to connect with your patients in a whole new way. Read on to learn more about the new features powered by the NexHealth Synchronizer. 

1. Automated messages in the patient’s conversation history

Previously, automated messages from NexHealth, like Appointment Reminders and Save the Dates, did not show up in a practice’s conversation history with a patient, making it difficult for the practice to be sure what a patient was responding to. Now, those automated reminder messages are included in the patient’s conversation history, ensuring practices have full visibility into what messages a patient is receiving and know what message the patient is responding to. Texts sent from NexHealth will appear in light blue, while messages from your staff are dark blue.‍

2. Customizable SMS sending hours

Until now, admins in NexHealth were not able to specify the hours during which patients receive text notifications, leading to text messages received outside of working hours when staff is not available to respond. Now, admins can control when patients receive automated messages like appointment reminders or reviews. See how to set your sending hours in the NexHealth Help Center.

3. Online Booking in Spanish

Spanish speakers can now confidently book appointments online using a native Spanish translation. From selecting an appointment type through confirmation, the full Online Booking patient experience is now available in Spanish. Patients using a browser set to Spanish do not have to do anything; they will now see your online booking in Spanish by default.

4. NexHealth Forms in Spanish

To give you a head start on supporting Spanish speakers with translated Forms, NexHealth now offers 20 popular form templates in Spanish, including: Patient Information Form, Dental Insurance, General Dentistry Informed Consent, and Bonding & Veneers Information. View the available forms in the Help Center.

Don’t see the form you need? Contact our team and we will digitize any of your custom forms.

5. New Campaign Templates

NexHealth Campaign templates have been redesigned with modern imagery to better augment your practice’s branding and support you in communicating clearly and directly with your patients.

6. New Template format

Default automated messaging templates have also been redesigned to be more attractive and easier for patients to read. 

If you are using default Templates, no additional action is needed– these templates are available in your account now. Customized templates will not be affected by this change.

7. Mark messages unread--a top requested feature!

Previously, texts from patients in the Messages tab were marked as read as soon as an office clicked on a patient conversation. This led to missed replies since practices had no way of indicating that a reply was needed. Now, when staff hover over a conversation, three dots will appear and give the option to mark the message as unread, hide the conversation, or delete the conversation. If a new message comes into an existing deleted conversation, the conversation will reappear in the dashboard.

New features for eClinicalWorks, Denticon and Dentrix users

eCW forms

We are thrilled to announce that NexHealth Forms now automatically sync with eClinicalWorks (eCW) through the NexHealth Synchronizer. Learn more on the blog!


Reading holiday blocks in Denticon
The Synchronizer now automatically reads provider/operatory holidays, eliminating the need for customers to create manual blocks for each column/operatory and provider.

NexHealth Waitlist for Denticon customers  
When you place a patient on the Short Notice List, the NexHealth Synchronizer reads the list and helps you to contact patients when an appointment slot opens. Patients get faster appointments, and you fill every appointment slot. Learn how in the Help Center.

Reading Schedule Templates for NexHealth Online Booking ‍
With Denticon Schedule Templates, NexHealth can now automatically read providers' schedule preferences and availability from Denticon. Patients only book services at desired times, removing the need to specify preferences manually

Denticon Checked Out Status 
NexHealth now reads Denticon’s “checked out” status automatically. This means that reviews can now be scheduled to send automatically, as soon as a patient’s status is set to “checked out.”


Reading non-patients from Dentrix 
NexHealth now ensures forms requests are sent to only those patients receiving care, eliminating duplicate requests for information from family members in the patient’s Dentrix Family File.

But that's not all! We've also released several workflow updates, including:

Online Booking
• Matching the Online Booking time zone with the practice, not where the patient is when booking


• Easier form propagation 
• Downloading a PAT file when a patient partially completes a packet
• Support for PAT files on forms completed using the Enlive iPad app
• Easier navigation for patients marking medications in the Enlive iPad app


• Easier and more clear confirmations when using Family Messaging
• Hover to delete navigation in Messaging
• Better visibility when marking messages as unread


• Support for logging in with your Google Chrome password manager
• Fewer clicks propagating provider availability between locations

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