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New patient search, multi-location booking links, and single-click form downloads

New patient search, multi-location booking links, and single-click form downloads

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We have exciting product updates to share. As of today, you can:

  • Show real-time availability for several offices in one online booking view for patients
  • Find patients faster by searching by partial name, date of birth, email, and phone number
  • Download all patient forms at once with a single click

Customize your Online Booking widgets to include multiple locations

When searching for an appointment across more than one practice location, patients don’t want to review multiple booking links before finding a time that works for their schedule.

With new multi-location booking widgets, you can show real-time availability for several selected offices in a single link.

Pick and choose which locations to include in your booking widget, grouping by practice specialty or location. Patients can easily find a time and location that works for them, without clicking on multiple booking links.

Follow these steps to create a multi-location booking widget:

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab in NexHealth and select Widgets
  2. Use the Locations section to add multiple offices to one online booking view
  3. Add your multi-location Widget to your website, or replace an existing “Schedule Appointment” button with your new URL

Find patients faster in NexHealth

If you are searching for a patient in NexHealth you don’t want to be slowed down by a misspelling or needing a full first or last name.

We now support searching for patients by partial names, date of birth, email, and phone number in messages, forms, and any other place you look up a patient’s name in NexHealth.

You no longer need to spell out the entire patient name - giving you back time in your busy day.

Save time downloading patient forms

If you are using NexHealth Forms, you've likely had to do the painstaking process of downloading completed patient forms one-by-one.

You now have the option to download all completed patient forms into one PDF with a single click. You no longer have to individually download each Form - saving you valuable time and energy.

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