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How NYC Dental Lounge Went 100% Digital with NexHealth

See how Dr. JoAnna Pufnock built a 100% digital dental practice with NexHealth to offer a sophisticated dental experience in the heart of New York City.

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Drawing from her 8+ years of extensive background in both small and large dental practices, Dr. JoAnna Pufnock has curated a unique and sophisticated atmosphere at NYC Dental Lounge in the heart of New York City. From the moment you step into a gorgeous lobby and are brought into the operatory room, you have the option to have diffusers, incense, candles, headphones, privacy blinds, and more. Every detail has been meticulously designed for the comfort and satisfaction of the patient’s dental experience.

Crafting a 100% Digital Patient Experience

To match the overall aesthetic of the office, JoAnna knew that how her patients scheduled and communicated with the office needed to be 100% digital. And knowing that New York was a city that never sleeps, she needed to integrate a system where patients could book at all hours of the day.

“When designing this space it was very important for us to have a fully digital experience not only for the clients coming in but also for me and the team members. It’s New York, New York. People want to book at all hours of the day. And NexHealth allows us to do that.” – JoAnna says.

Dr. Pufnock uses NexHealth to digitalize:

  1. Patient bookings: Patients can directly book from the website anytime and anywhere.
  2. Appointment reminders: Custom reminders are automatically sent to patients to ensure they show up on time.
  3. Forms: NexHealth makes it easy for Dr. Pufnock to customize her digital forms, so patients can fill them out from a phone or computer before the appointment. “Partnering with NexHealth has also made that transition easy. Clients come in, and the paperwork is filled out already,” says Dr. Pufnock.
  4. Reviews: A message is sent to patients after the appointment to collect feedback, getting the practice more 5-star Google reviews.

Furthermore, the NexHealth Synchronizer synchronizes with the office’s health record system, Dentrix Ascend, to avoid double-entries and errors.


Hiring a Remote Receptionist

Being in a collaborative workspace (Suites by Nylo), JoAnna decided to employ a remote receptionist, an unconventional choice for a dental practice but one that is possible with the help of NexHealth.

Despite being physically located in Queens while the office is in Midtown Manhattan, Gecile Fojas, the remote receptionist, maintains a strong connection with patients through online interactions.

“It’s very different being remote because I am not in the office physically. So I don’t physically see the patients coming in. But because of the environment that we’re in where everyone is on their phones and booking online, I’m still in touch with the patients so I feel like I know them through that aspect,” says Gecile.

Results: More Than 46 Online Appointments in 3 Months

NYC Dental Lounge is dedicated to providing a digital and personalized experience for each patient, emphasizing quality one-on-one time over the rush of a high patient volume. “What was super important for me, when creating a dental space, was being very sophisticated and polished. And knowing I needed to provide that on all ends working with NexHealth and how seamless it is really allowed me to capture that,” says Dr. Pufnock

Since opening its doors three months ago and implementing NexHealth, NYC Dental Lounge has welcomed over 23 new patients and booked more than 46 appointments. As Dr. Pufnock continues to build her brand, implement marketing strategies, and leverage NexHealth to enhance the patient experience, these numbers are expected to rise in the coming years. NYC Dental Lounge is setting a new standard for dental care in the city that never sleeps, one digital appointment at a time.

Dr. JoAnna Pufnock, Owner

The investment in NexHealth has really allowed me and my front desk to focus more on the business because it streamlines everything and makes our jobs a lot easier.

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Online Appointments in 3 Months

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