NexHealth and Reach Partner to Transform the Dental Patient Experience

NexHealth is excited to announce a new partnership with Reach to take your patient experience to the next level. Read the article to learn more.

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As dental practices continue to prioritize delivering an exceptional patient experience, NexHealth and Reach have teamed up to revolutionize how dental offices manage appointments and patient interactions. Reach (formerly known as CallForce), was founded in 2016 with the primary objective of helping dental offices maintain their recall schedules. As customers' needs evolved, they expanded services to enable phone answering and insurance verification to better assist practices.

NexHealth and Reach have been working closely for several years. Both companies share a technology-forward approach, enabling dentists to deliver a patient-first experience while achieving their goals of increasing overall appointment numbers, acquiring new patients, and streamlining operations for office staff.

NexHealth’s automated online scheduling platform, which syncs directly to a practice’s health record system, is known for its reliability and accessibility. Meanwhile, Reach’s scheduling team also delivers a personal touch by capturing practice's missed phone calls to schedule their new and existing patients. Using NexHealth online scheduling reduces the time spent scheduling and increases the accuracy of scheduling. This also allows them to use one tool for all of their different practices and makes sure the patient experience is best-in-class throughout all contact points with both companies.

With the number one concern for practices in 2023 being staff shortages, combining an expert scheduling and insurance verification service team with online booking that syncs directly to the practice management system ensures practices book more appointments in less time, see fewer cancellations, and drive more growth without needing additional staff.

We look forward to working together to revolutionize the dental patient experience and help more practices streamline and drive growth.

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