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Say Hello to 1-Click Booking

With 1-Click Booking, we’re making the appointment scheduling process dramatically easier for our patients. Here’s how it works and why you should start using it too!

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Today, we’re excited to introduce 1-Click Booking – the first of its kind in healthcare!

1-Click Booking is a simple, fast, and frictionless way for your patients to schedule appointments with you, reducing the entire process from 15 minutes to just 1 tap.

What does 1-Click Booking do?

1-Click Booking contains two components:

  • Embedded Time Slots – doctors can now embed appointment time slots for a specific appointment type directly into email or SMS communications by simply typing a smart command.
  • Pre-fill – When patients receive embedded time slots in their email or SMS and select a time, NexHealth automatically opens a pre-filled form with their existing information. Once the patient hits the book now button, the appointment is instantly synchronized with your practice management system!

What problem does 1-Click Booking solve?

In 2021, it takes more than just great care to keep patients coming back for repeat visits. Patients are seeking the same level of convenience from their doctors today that they are getting from elsewhere in their lives. Think about the experience we get from Uber, Doordash, Instacart and everywhere else in our lives today. Patients are seeking the same type of experience from you, especially when it comes to scheduling an appointment.

In addition to a convenient patient experience, 1-Click Booking also drives revenue to your practice. As a practice, on average, you have more than five thousand existing patients that you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on to acquire. In order to realize the full value of your patient acquisition costs, you need to be able to see your patients at least three times from their first visit.1-Click Booking delivers a patient experience that brings patients back.

Even if you are using real-time online scheduling today, your patients go through a 15 minute process doing the following:

  • Remembering and typing in your website on a browser
  • Finding and clicking on the “book now” button
  • Getting redirected to and waiting for a new page to load
  • Picking the type of appointment they need, if they can remember
  • Picking their insurance
  • Picking the provider they need to see, if they can remember
  • Clicking on a time
  • Picking if the appointment is for them or their kids
  • Filling out at least 9 lines of information that you already have in your practice management system
  • Finally, clicking on “book appointment” to actually schedule that appointment

As a patient, all of this is absurd when I’m trying to see my existing doctor!

You should already have my information from my birthdate to my address to the type of care I need. So why aren’t you making the experience of seeing you, and spending more money with your practice, easier?

1-Click Booking makes it instantaneous for your existing patients to see you! We reduce the entire process from 15 minutes to 1 tap, letting you convert existing patients into appointments.

Here is a quick overview video

The benefits of 1-Click Booking:

  • Generating more appointments per practice from existing patients
  • Saving patients 15 mins per appointment
  • Your practice delivers a modern and seamless patient experience

1-Click Booking is available to all NexHealth customers today!

If you’re thinking about NexHealth? Click here to see a demo!

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