Virginia Family Dentistry decreases no-shows & cancellations by 50% across 16 locations with NexHealth

Discover how Virginia Family Dental uses NexHealth's to sync all Forms and Communications with Dentrix Enterprise. With NexHealth, they've reduced patient no-shows by 50% while delighting patients.

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Virginia Family Dentistry, a 16-location group practice, is dedicated to providing comprehensive oral healthcare services to their patients. They were struggling with their existing communication and appointment management system. Their previous system was outdated and not aligned with the modern expectations of patients, leading to difficulties in engaging with patients effectively. The platform's lack of user-friendliness posed hurdles in training staff and utilizing the system optimally leading to a 14% cancellation and no-show rate. 


After a thorough evaluation of various communication platforms, Virginia Family Dentistry identified NexHealth as the ideal solution to address their challenges because:

1. NexHealth is the most user-friendly solution

NexHealth's user-friendly interface was pivotal in Virginia Family Dentistry's decision-making process. The platform's intuitive design made it easy for staff to adapt and utilize the system effectively. This was of utmost importance to the dental practice, as they aimed to optimize their processes and enhance patient engagement.

2. NexHealth integrates with Dentrix Enterprise

Integrating patient forms with Dentrix Enterprise was deemed critical for smooth operations. This integration ensured a seamless flow of information and reduced the need for manual data entry, enhancing overall efficiency and putting a greater focus on getting patients into the office. “It was important for us to have true integration, not just a bridge, but something that back fed into our enterprise system. The more the patients use it, the easier our job is. Less time, way more efficiency.”


Upon implementing NexHealth, Virginia Family Dentistry witnessed significant improvements in its operations. The integration with Dentrix Enterprise led to enhanced patient data management, streamlined appointment scheduling, and improved communication with patients. 

As a result, the group practice saw a notable reduction in the percentage of canceled and no-show appointments. “Before NexHealth, we were in about 13 to 14%. And in the two months we've really been using it, it's dropped down to 7%” across 16 locations.

In conclusion, Virginia Family Dentistry's transition from an outdated communication system to the seamless integration of NexHealth highlights the transformative effects of embracing modern, user-friendly solutions. By prioritizing patient engagement, efficient operations, and growth, Virginia Family Dentistry has positioned itself as a leader in the dental healthcare sector.

Chris Jefferson, CEO

By partnering with NexHealth, it’s important for us to have the true integration that is back fed into our Dentrix Enterprise system. It’s helping us with time savings and the overall user experience.

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decrease in patient cancellations & no-shows

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