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How NexHealth Delivers Best-in-Class Support for Weidemen Pediatric Group

Learn how Weideman Pediatric Dentistry and Smile Island Dental Group chose NexHealth’s Patient Experience Platform after poor experiences with other tools that lack customization and personalization

NexHealth Marketing
NexHealth Marketing
March 7, 2023



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Initially, we came from Solutionreach because we wanted something where they had wonderful customer service.

We were having some questions regarding text messaging and email, and that was about ten years ago.

Solutionreach was such a small company. We were able to call and get someone on the phone, but then it turned into a phone tree.

And then we were we were rerouted to people who in different countries who didn't really speak English, that were reading a script, and it just lost its personal touch in regards to customer service.

And that's when we started shopping for something else. And that help came highly recommended from other practices in the field. And so we jumped on it and fell in love with it.

Unfortunately and I say this with a big asterisk unfortunately, we moved on to Curve Hero.

And Curve Hero also has a program called Curve GRO, which is their patient correspondence. And we thought, you know what? Let's just give it a shot.

And so we left NexHealth for about six months while we tried to navigate through Curve GRO. And it is not user friendly, let alone a visually pleasing platform for our patients. Didn't have all the bells and whistles on the wow presentation that NexHealth had.

So we came back again, and I'm just absolutely thrilled. Everyone that I've come in contact with with NexHealth takes that personal touch, that personal time, face to face time. Zoom meetings, Zoom calls.

They're personal. They're friendly. When I go to conferences and I see the NexHealth booth, they remember me. I remember them. It's that extra customer service. You guys really have been there for us when we need it, and not a lot of companies will kind of drop what they're doing and help us out.

Challenge: Many tech companies lack reliable support 

Hillary Brehm is the Business Office Manager and Marketing Director of both Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics and Smile Island Pediatric & Adult Dental Group. She initially implemented the patient engagement tool Solutionreach to create a digitalized patient experience but faced challenges with their customer service as the company grew.

“We were rerouted to people from a different country reading a script and it just lost its personal touch,” says Hillary. A lack of personalized support became a common theme for Hillary, later facing the same issues when her practices transitioned to Curve GRO. 

Solution: NexHealth's consultative customer support

Within just six months of using Curve GRO, Hillary decided it was time to switch back to NexHealth. “One of the biggest reasons why we left Solutionreach and Curve GRO was the lack of customer service, but everyone that I've come in contact with at NexHealth takes that personal touch, that personal face-to-face time, zoom meetings, and calls. They're personal,” added Hillary.

Because of NexHealth’s best-in-class support process. All NexHealth practices receive:

1. A dedicated contact who understands your business

2. Help customizing your account 

3. Live training customized to your practice's workflow

4. Continuous support to answer any on-going questions 

5. A phone number where you can connect with a NexHealth expert, same-day

Plus, NexHealth’s platform is more user-friendly and securely syncs with Curve Hero’s NexHealth’s Online Booking, Automated Reminders, Digital Forms, Recalls, and Reviews to give patients a seamless experience.

Results: 15 online appointments in 1st day of relaunch

NexHealth's consultative service ensured a quick and customized onboarding process for Weideman Pediatric Dentistry and Smile Island Dental Group. “If I ever have an issue, it's just a quick email, and I get it literally a quick response from NexHealth within the hour,” added Hillary.

“We launched NexHealth Online Booking yesterday and within 2 hours, I had 15 appointments booked and one of them was a new patient. NexHealth really has been there for us when we need it, and not a lot of companies will drop what they're doing and help us out.” 


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