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We've Raised $4 Million to Modernize the Patient Experience

Learn how this healthcare startup has helped thousands of doctors build stronger relationships with their patients, and raised $4 million in funding.

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When Waleed and I launched NexHealth in 2017 after working on the product for 2 years, we had one goal in mind – to modernize the way people connect with their doctors.

Along the way, we’ve had the help of an incredible team that lives and breathes NexHealth’s mission.

Today, NexHealth supports over 4 million patients and thousands of doctors across the US and Canada.

With low reimbursements, higher patient expectations, and consumerization of healthcare, doctors today are struggling to adjust to a new business model.

Patients, on the other hand, live in a world of one tap car rides, unlimited movie streaming, and even orthodontic care delivered to their homes.

Patients have come to expect the same level of convenience from their doctors as they see in the rest of their lives.

Patients want a modern doctor’s office experience, and doctors want to deliver a seamless experience to their patients. NexHealth has created the first-ever Patient Experience Management platform to help doctors deliver this seamless, modern experience.

Today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve raised $4 million in series A funding from Point Nine Capital with participation from Rubicon Venture CapitalScott BelskyJosh Hannah, and existing investor iSeed Ventures. With this new round of funding, we plan on investing even more into our 5-star rated product, continue to build an incredible team, and most importantly, aggressively continue to pursue our vision of connecting everyone to their doctors.

Our top priorities for the next 18 months

1. Continue to build a team of A+ players

Waleed and I believe the best possible thing we can do for our mission is to build the best possible team first.

Steve Jobs once said, “you know, making a product is hard but making a team that can continually make products is even harder. The product I’m most proud of is Apple and the team I built at Apple.”

With this new round of funding and with help from some of the best in the tech industry like Scott Belsky and Christoph Janz, we plan on investing most of our time in the next 18 months to build the best team possible. The greatest pleasure in the world is working with great people.

2. Continue to invest in and build the best product possible

NexHealth is creating and defining a brand new category in our industry with our Patient Experience Management platform. We have the best product in the industry today. However, we know our competitors are reading this (hi! ;)), and we know customers will always have high expectations. So we will continue to listen to our customers and continue to invest in the best product in the industry.

3. Open a San Francisco office

The biggest concentration of technology talent today is in San Francisco. We want to be where the best are. Having the best people means we will have the best product and the happiest customers. Along with this round, we’re proud to announce that we’ve opened an office in San Francisco.

Waleed and I want to thank all of our customers, our team (who’s been through a lot of ups and downs), and the new investors for believing in us. Achieving NexHealth’s mission of connecting everyone to their doctors will change the world and the way we go about our health.


Alamin Uddin, Co-Founder & CEO

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