Powering your patient retention strategies

Wondering how to retain patients? Provide a great digital experience, on-time treatment and recare reminders.

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Increase patient loyalty
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Send automated post-op instructions or hygiene reminders
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Follow up with patients overdue for their treatment plans
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Real-time online booking with all your reminders

Finding new patients costs 25x more than retaining existing patients

From money spent on marketing strategy, to time spent engaging, new patients can be costly. That's why once you've established patient relationships, it's important that you're able to retain them. With NexHealth, you have tools that simplify patient retention. With features like automated post-op instructions, treatment plan follow-ups, and hygiene recalls, healthcare practices that use NexHealth to power their patient retention strategies see 10 more existing patients a month on average.

Scheduling an appointment is easy for existing patients

On average, NexHealth practices book 10 more new appointments a month from their existing patients. How is this possible? With every communication and reminder patients receive, NexHealth inserts real-time scheduling availability directly into the emails and texts. With every treatment or hygiene reminder, booking an appointment is just one tap away. You get more bookings, and patients feel valued. Win-win.

Ready to grow your practice?
Automate your patient scheduling, forms, communications, and more with the patient experience platform that syncs with your health record system.

Exceed patient expectations

Engaging patients doesn't require numerous phone calls anymore. It's simple with one-tap NexHealth scheduling.

Save staff time

Automated follow-ups, reminders and recalls save your front desk staff time. NexHealth improves retention rates by automating existing patient appointment booking.

Increase revenue, improve the patient experience

On average, a NexHealth practice gets 10 more appointments a month from their existing patients.
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