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Rack up positive reviews with NexHealth

Patients trust online reviews. And unfortunately, negative reviews are a reality for every 21st-century practice. So how do you keep negative reviews from poisoning your reputation and turning away new patients before they ever reach your office? Let NexHealth automatically collect 5 and 4 star reviews for you from your existing happy patient base!

Most happy patients don’t leave reviews

This isn’t surprising. When you have a pleasant experience with a professional (say an accountant, or lawyer) do you rush to your laptop and post a positive review? Probably not. You need to be asked to leave a review. Similarly, we ask your patients to leave you 5 star reviews—automatically. When they leave you a 5 star review, we direct the review to your review platform of choice!

Improve your online reputation

NexHealth makes it easy for patients, who had a great experience with you, to leave positive feedback online.

Gain valuable insight

Learn how your practice is actually doing when it comes to patient satisfaction.

Acquire new patients

With an improved online presence and real time online booking from your Google page, you will acquire new patients.

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