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August 2023 Product Updates

This month, we released new features for some of our highest impact products, including Forms, Payments, and Waitlist.

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This month, we released new features for some of our highest impact products, including Forms, Payments, and Waitlist. Keep reading to learn about the latest updates from NexHealth.

New options to Customize, Pre-fill and Sync Forms

Edit a Form’s due date

Having a due date on a form encourages patients to fill in the form prior to the appointment. But previously, you couldn’t adjust the due date after it was sent, a challenge for patients that reschedule. Now you can now change the due date of an active Form request to accommodate patients who need a little more time.

Medical Alert pre-filling

No one likes filling out paperwork, and Medical History forms are the bulkiest of all. Now, you can streamline patients' annual updates by automatically pre-filling their medical alerts from their last appointment.

Patients will simply indicate any recent health changes, saving a lot of time.

Sync public forms

Patients often delete or miss emails from practices, losing the chance to fill in forms prior to the appointment. Now, those slip-ups won’t impact form completion. Patients can go to your website to fill in a form on your public form widget, and once completed, those forms will sync back to your health record system matched to the right patient.

See how to set it up here.

Payment updates to speed up collections

Automated payment reminders

Patients can’t pay an invoice they’ve forgotten about. Now, your online payments requests can get boosted with automated reminders. Patients who have not settled their bill will receive a nudge, encouraging faster payments without having the office team call and ask for collections.

Learn how they work with this video.

Batch payments

When you have a long list of patients to invoice, the last thing you want to do is enter each bill one by one. Now, you can upload a CSV file of all payments due, and send a batch payment request.

Have just a few patients you need to remind to pay? You can also search for a patient with an outstanding balance and send an instant payment request right in NexHealth.

Learn how, here.

Track your Waitlist progress to fill cancellations

Waitlist insights progress banner

Our new Waitlist has been our fastest adopted product in NexHealth’s history–with thousands of practices using Waitlist to fill open appointment slots. Now you’ll see a running tally of the number of appointments filled by the Waitlist at the top of your Waitlist home screen.

Haven’t tried the new Waitlist yet? It’s very easy to get started, just watch

this 4 minute video and you’ll be ready to send your first Waitlist request.

See which Waitlist requests are completed and pending

Scrolling through pages of Waitlist requests is tedious, especially if you wanted to look back more than a couple weeks.

Now, your requests page tracks all the Waitlist requests you’ve sent, along with which patients have booked.Practices love this snapshot of how Waitlist is working in their practice!

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