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Enlive is becoming NexHealth

Enlive is becoming NexHealth this month. Former Enlive customers who move to NexHealth will enjoy a new iPad experience, Forms that auto-sync, in-app patients search, and more time-saving features. 

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Enlive will officially sunset in

Beginning June 6th, Enlive will be become NexHealth as part of the launch of a new Forms iPad experience. Rest assured, your custom Forms and Packets will remain unchanged.

New features for Enlive customers

With the move to NexHealth, Enlive Forms customers will get access to new features powered by the NexHealth Synchronizer:

Patient search on the iPadWe've eliminated the need to navigate your health record system to pull up a patient file to send to the iPad. The NexHealth app allows you to find patients directly within the application, saving you valuable time. Search by first or last name to quickly find the right patient.

Auto sync completed forms: Downloading and importing completed patient forms from the iPad is a thing of the past. The NexHealth Synchronizer now powers the iPad app, automatically syncing patient paperwork to your health record system, removing the need for the Enlive desktop app.

A new login page: Enlive users will see the login page on the iPad app change from Enlive to NexHealth. We’ve kept it easy to login, and your Enlive credentials will continue to work with the new login experience.

And more great iPad features:

  • NexHealth Forms is able to read your patient list directly from your health record system, making it faster for staff to locate the right patient in NexHealth and send a Form Request.
  • NexHealth Forms does not rely on a desktop application like the Enlive installer to sync patient paperwork.

Moving to NexHealth

Enlive customers can move to NexHealth starting June 6th.

To get started on the move, book a time with one of our Forms experts. If you have questions on moving, reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help.

We’re asking all Enlive customers to complete the move by September 1, 2023. NexHealth will no longer be supporting Enlive software after September 1st.

For more questions on the move – we created a Move FAQ page with details.


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