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January 2023 Product Update

We are kicking off 2023 with six -- YES, SIX! -- new product features. They'll help save you time, increase revenue, and improve your patient experience.

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In January, we introduced six new product updates in NexHealth, many of which were among our most commonly requested:

  1. Pre-schedule Marketing Campaigns for a future date
  2. Patient selection and search in the iPad forms app
  3. Faster sync times between NexHealth and your health record system
  4. Direct link from patient’s name in Messages to patient profile
  5. Default to preferred names for patient communications
  6. Waitlist availability for Open Dental

1. Pre-schedule your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing your practice is one of the best ways to retain your patients. And now, you can plan your marketing campaigns and patient communication on your own time by scheduling your Marketing Campaigns.

Follow your normal workflow to create a Marketing Campaign and use the SCHEDULE button in the top right of your campaign draft to pick the date and time to send to patients.

2. Patient selection and search on the iPad forms app

Though NexHealth automatically sends digital forms to patients ahead of their appointment, patients sometimes need to complete last-minute paperwork while waiting in the front office.

Office staff previously needed to pull up a patient in the health record system, load that patient onto the iPad using the Enlive desktop application, select the appropriate forms, and hand the iPad to the patient.

Now staff can skip the computer altogether. The front desk can now search for the patient and select required forms in the iPad app, without needing to pull up a patient’s file first.

We are also keeping your patient data safe with a PIN entered by front desk staff between each Forms session.

Here are step-by-step instructions.

3. Speeding up the Synchronizer

It used to take up to several minutes for NexHealth to update patient data in your health record system. Now, we can do it in seconds - helping save time for office staff and prevent double-bookings.

An update to the Synchronizer ensures the information you’re collecting from patients via Online Booking, Forms, or any NexHealth communication is instantaneously updated in your health record system.

We are rolling this update out throughout February, so be on the lookout for even faster sync speeds.

4. Keep track of patients’ preferred names

Nothing makes patients feel more appreciated than office staff remembering their preferred name. You can now record a patient’s preferred name directly in the NexHealth profile by adding it to the name section.

The patient’s preferred name will be included in any outgoing communications with SmartCommands like PATIENTFIRSTNAME or PATIENTNAME.

5. Access a patient profile directly from Messages

Say a patient texts your office because they can’t remember if they got a Reminder for an upcoming appointment. Previously, you would click out of Messages and into the Patients tab before searching the patient name to see their appointment information and Reminders history.

Now you can access the full patient profile directly from the Messages tab by clicking on the patient name, saving you a few clicks in your day.

6. Waitlist for Open Dental

NexHealth’s Waitlist feature is now available for Open Dental users. With our ASAP Waitlist feature, Open Dental users are now able to:

  • Contact ASAP List patients immediately when a calendar spot opens up
  • Match the right patient to each open slot
  • Let Waitlist patients confirm with one click

Norbo Dental has been using the ASAP waitlist feature with their practice management system and they estimate it brings in $3,000 a week in revenue.

Looking forward to coming back to you in February to what we’ve been building.

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