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NexHealth raises $31M to accelerate healthcare innovation

e founded NexHealth in 2017 with a mission to accelerate healthcare innovation by connecting patients, doctors, and developers. Learn how we were able to raise $31M to change the world of healthcare.

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We founded NexHealth in 2017 with a mission to accelerate healthcare innovation by connecting patients, doctors, and developers. We started out by figuring out how to integrate with on-prem Electronic Health Record systems that were hidden in the back rooms of SMB doctors offices. We have since built the first ever Patient Experience Platform designed for doctors and developers, serving over 75K providers, 30M patients, and hundreds of healthtech developers today.

We enable independent doctors offices like Grand Street Dental to provide a seamless patient experience and healthtech companies like SmileDirectClub to easily launch EHR integrated products.

Our mission to accelerate healthcare innovation is bold and requires a world class team. After raising our $15M Series A in the middle of lockdowns, building an A+ team has been my #1 priority. In the last 12 months, we hired a stellar leadership team coming from Netflix, Upwork, Redfin, Amplitude, SAP, and more. We grew our team from less than 20 to over 120 while launching innovative products like digitized paperwork. Thanks to our team’s amazing execution, we also grew our user base by 300%.

With this fast pace growth and A+ team, I’m excited to announce today that we’ve raised a $31M Series B to turbocharge our mission! We are thrilled to welcome new investors and are excited to work with operators that have built and scaled category defining companies such as Plaid, Dropbox, and ServiceTitan. This brings our total raise to over $51M. I’m proud to welcome:

  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, founder of Dreamworks
  • Zach Perret, founder of Plaid
  • Jean-Denis Greze, head of engineering at Plaid
  • Sujay Jaswa, business founder at Dropbox
  • Chenli Wang, business founder at Dropbox
  • Connor Theilmann at ServiceTitan
  • Ershad Jamil at ServiceTitan
  • Packy McCormick, founder of Not Boring
  • Turner Novak founder, of Banana Capital

We’re even more excited about our existing investors doubling down on our vision:

  • Josh Buckley, founder of Buckley Ventures and CEO of Producthunt
  • Christoph Janz, founder of Point Nine Capital
  • Rahul Vohra, founder of Superhuman
  • Todd Goldberg, founder of Eventjoy
  • Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and Chief Product Officer at Adobe

Our mission is ambitious. And with this impressive list of investors and operators backing us, we’re focused on scaling our product and operations to serve 100s of millions of patients. If you’re ambitious, hungry, and looking to build a world changing company, I’d love to hear from you!Read more about our series B from Forbes here.

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