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NexHealth Waitlist and Schedule Templates for Denticon

The NexHealth Synchronizer enables Denticon customers to now use NexHealth Waitlist and Denticon Schedule Templates. Both features will sync seamlessly with Denticon.

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We’re excited to release two new features built exclusively for Denticon customers with the NexHealth Synchronizer: NexHealth Waitlist and reading Denticon Schedule Templates.

So, what’s new for Denticon customers?

NexHealth Waitlist for Denticon

Denticon recently released their Short Notice List, allowing office staff to create a list of patients who are in case of a last-minute opening in the schedule. The Short Notice List is maintained in your Denticon platform, which is now synced with NexHealth Waitlist.

With NexHealth Waitlist for Denticon, when you place a patient on the Short Notice List, the NexHealth Synchronizer reads the list and helps you to contact patients when an appointment slot opens. Patients get faster appointments, and practices fill every appointment slot.

With NexHealth Waitlist you can:

  • Contact Short Notice List patients immediately
  • Filter patients by your Short Notice List or recall type
  • Let patients easily accept an appointment via text or email
  • Limit the impact of cancellations as you fill each open chair

You can access the Short Notice List by clicking on the 'Scheduler' dropdown and selecting 'Short Notice.' Follow these steps to place a patient on your Short Notice List in Denticon so that it can be used with NexHealth Waitlist.

  1. Click into an existing patient’s appointment to edit
  2. Select the ‘Short Notice’ checkbox in the right hand area of the appointment screen
  3. Select the patient’s AM or PM preference
  4. Select the desired date range

Norbo Dental has been using the NexHealth ASAP Waitlist feature with Dentrix, and they estimate it brings in 15 additional patients a week and $3,000 in revenue.

Denticon Schedule Templates

A single provider may offer different services – new patient cleanings, hygiene appointments, surgeries – and they often prefer to provide each service at unique times in the schedule. Practices today have to manually specify all services preferences in NexHealth–taking a lot of staff time and often resulting in scheduling mistakes.

With Denticon Schedule Templates, NexHealth can now automatically read providers' schedule preferences and availability from Denticon. This ensures patients only book services at desired times and removes the need to manually specify these preferences in NexHealth.

Denticon Schedule Templates have been one of the most requested features from our Denticon customers, and we’re thrilled to deliver this update to make life easier for your practice and patients.

How do I get these new features?

To get both of these features, just grab time with our team, and we can help you set it up.

Questions? Visit our Help Center or contact our support team at [email protected].

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