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The Best of NexHealth 2022

Our December product roundup includes the best of the best that we released in 2022. Read about updates to Online Booking, Forms, Appointment Journeys, and more.

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2022 was a huge year for NexHealth – not only for our team, but for you, our customers who have been leading the way in delighting your patients and growing your practices. Thank you for making our favorite achievements from this year possible, and for being a part of this incredible community.

Out of the 40 new features we shipped this year, here are a few that stood out for patients and providers.

Appointment Journeys

Patients want specific appointment details, not general messages. So we built the industry's most personalized appointment updates that empower your practice to automatically send patients appointment-specific:

  • Instructions
  • Reminders
  • Forms
  • Post-appointment messaging
  • Recalls and more

NexHealth Forms

Save the paper for wrapping presents this holiday season. With our 2022 upgrades to NexHealth Forms, it’s even easier for your patients to fill out forms digitally that auto-sync to your health record system:

In 2022, we added these bells and whistles to NexHealth Forms:

  • Customize the default due date for form requests, personalizing it to any patient
  • Auto-sync completed patient forms directly to your health record system file, saving the office hours each day
  • Bulk download completed forms into one PDF
  • Be confident a form request is going to the right patient by checking against birth date
  • Auto-send Forms with Appointment Journeys, matching Form requests to specific appointment types

Online Booking

This year, you scheduled over 900,000 appointments using NexHealth! We are continuing to invest in online booking to be more customizable and flexible to fit your practice’s needs. Here are just a few of the improvements we made to Online Booking in 2022:

  • Provider-specific appointment durations, since every provider is unique
  • Custom your appointment availability to match complex provider schedules and practice operating hours
  • Share customizable booking links to guide patients where and when they should be booking
  • Copy appointment types across any practice locations, eliminating tedious copying and pasting between practice locations
  • Providing an appointment-specific, personalized patient experience from online booking through recall with NexHealth Online Booking paired with Appointment Journeys


Texting allows patients to stay connected to their healthcare providers. The NexHealth dashboard gives providers an easy way to manage messages to deliver exceptional care and communication to patients.

This year, over 6,000 customers stayed in contact with their patients, exchanging over 85 million messages and sending over 10 million reminder texts!


While our practices were busy sending over 8.5 million review requests to patients, we were busy continuing to build more opportunities for you to customize review requests. Because of improvements made this year, practices can now choose the time of day that review requests are sent to patients.

Instead of waiting for reviews to auto-send at the end of the day, office staff can customize requests to send at different times based on appointment type with Appointment Journeys. Of course, you can always send a review request right away from the NexHealth dashboard.


In 2022, we helped customers accept millions in payments faster. With NexHealth you can send patients a link to easily pay online, or embed NexHealth on your site so they can pay right from your website.

Patients love the ease of paying their bills directly from a text or email. And of course, practices get paid faster and save time not having to chase down collections.

The NexHealth SynchronizerTM

This August, we officially introduced the NexHealth SynchronizerTM.

The Synchronizer auto-syncs patient data between NexHealth and your health record system.NexHealth built the Synchronizer to work independently from health record systems. Most health record systems’ APIs lack the functionality to support common workflows that our customers expect, such as online booking, patient forms, and two-way messaging.

The Synchronizer is proprietary NexHealth technology and the reason why we were valued as a $1 billion company by Silicon Valley investors and named to Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies” list.

The New NexHealth

Finally, we introduced a fresh new look for NexHealth with a new brand update.

Read more about our rebrand and catch up on all our 2022 updates on the blog.

Thank you for being our customer. Everything we do, we do for you.

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