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NexHealth’s 2023 Roadmap

Discover NexHealth's 2023 roadmap: Unveiling enhancements in Scheduling, Communications, Payments, and Form usability. Embrace an improved, insight-driven NexHealth experience.

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We take a lot of pride in innovating and improving how practices connect with patients, and I want to share what you can expect to see from NexHealth over the next few months. We’ll have some big updates for each of our core products: Scheduling, Communications, Payments, and Form.

We also have improvements coming to the Synchronizer, making sure everything you do syncs reliably with your health record system.

Before we jump into what’s coming, I wanted to share some context on how our 2023 is going. Our product teams have been busy this year: launching 61 unique product updates. A few of the highlights:

NexHealth Scheduling

For Scheduling, we made big improvements to our online booking speed, with patients now booking in as fast as 17 seconds. Patients can book in less time than it takes to watch a commercial.

We also made it easier to support Spanish-speaking customers, with online booking and forms templates now available in Spanish.

And we launched a whole new Waitlist product to deal with frustrating last minute cancellations. NexHealth can now read your ASAP and Continued Care list and send a notification to single or multiple patients to fill a last minute cancellation. Most practices fill cancellations in 20 minutes or less. The record I’ve seen is 25 seconds.

Waitlist has been our fastest growing product in the company history, with more than 400 new practices sending a Waitlist request in the first 50 days since launch. If you haven’t tried it, watch this 4 minute video and give it a try!

NexHealth Communications

For Communications, we’ve made major improvements including mark messages unread, conversation history tracking, centralized messaging and more – with many more improvements on the way.

This fall, we’re going to launch a whole new messaging experience, mimicking the dashboards of popular apps like Whatsapp and iMessage.

And you’ll be able to access your messages on mobile! A top request from busy office staff.

We’ll also make it easier to customize Campaigns. We’ll allow you to filter your campaigns by procedure code–if you want to send a campaign to patients who need a root canal, you can filter by procedure code and trigger a campaign send.

NexHealth Payments

For NexHealth Payments, customers today can send a link to collect a payment online, which speeds up collections, and can also require a credit card for patients to hold an appointment. Practices that use the credit card hold have brought patient no shows down to zero.

We’ve also just released new payment features so you can batch send all your payment requests and automate payment reminders to save staff even more time.

This fall, we'll be testing a top payments request from practices across the country: reading and writing to the payments ledger in your health record system.

This opens up new opportunities to automate campaigns by payment status or payment amount due. We’ll start testing payment ledger reading and writing with Open Dental customers, and roll this feature out to the rest of our health record integrations by early 2024.

NexHealth Forms

And for NexHealth Forms, we recently came out with a new iPad app to manage the in-forms office experience. If you move to NexHealth’s annual payment plan, we’ll send you an iPad for free – just email me at [email protected].

We're also working on new forms, like medical alert forms that read the medical history from the health record system and pre-fill the medical history form for patients. This has been a top request from both medical and dental practices on NexHealth. We’ll be rolling this feature out by integration starting in August.

A New NexHealth Dashboard Experience

What I’m most excited about reflects how we build products: making them simple to use and full of value.

This fall, we’ll be updating our whole product experience. It’s a big facelift on NexHealth that we know practices will love, making it easy for anyone to learn and start using NexHealth minutes.

The new product experience will recommend helpful insights to grow your practice such as notifying you of open appointments, overdue messages from patients, and more.

We already have practices testing the beta experience, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Thank You

Thank you to all our valued customers for the insightful feedback on our platform. Every meeting, phone call, email response, and conversation with the team and me has played a critical role in shaping our roadmap, enabling us to continuously improve our products.

I’d love to hear about what you're excited about, or what you think we’re missing. Just ping me at [email protected].


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