Fill Calendar Gaps With Automated Waitlist Outreach

It's inevitable that some of your patients will cancel at the last minute. Here's how to deal with these issues when they arise using automated waitlist outreach.

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Most practices throw manual labor at the problem. Your dental office staff calls patients individually, hoping to find an available replacement. The resulting game of phone tag is highly inefficient and can tie up your staff for hours. It’s also inconvenient for patients who take the time to call your office only to find that the dental appointment has already been given away.

This tedious, manual response might have worked 15 or 20 years ago. But does it make sense in today’s world of falling reimbursements, tightening schedules, and low patient loyalty?

Make your waitlist outreach effortless 

With NexHealth, you can fill gaps in your calendar automatically—no phone calls or manual outreach required. For a patient on your waitlist, it’s as simple as responding to this text:

If the patient replies to claim a slot, they’re instantly scheduled for the upcoming availability. The NexHealth Synchronizer auto-inserts the appointment into your calendar, eliminating data entry and preventing double bookings.‍

Why practices love the automated Waitlist Management

Fill your whole calendar with a single message

The new NexHealth Waitlist allows you to select all empty calendar slots for a single message to your waiting patients. That means you will have to do less manual work to fill more availability. Practices like Norbo Dental in Virginia are booking up to 15 new appointments with the Waitlist each week.

Finding the right patients

Keeping track of patients looking for appointments has traditionally been limited to the ASAP and continuing care lists in your health record system, or keeping a messy sticky note by the front desk. While both methods can help, the NexHealth Waitlist works the way you do, allowing you to blend methods and even filter by the type of care they need to find exactly the right list of patients to offer the slot to.

Never manually enter an appointment

When a patient books an appointment from your waitlist, the appointment will automatically insert into your health record system’s calendar, eliminating data entry and preventing double bookings.

Access same-day availability

Most patients are looking for care after they already need it: exams when they’re feeling pain, whitening for a special event, and cleanings when they know they’re overdue. Exceed their expectations with convenient, same-day availability.

Fewer notifications

We’re all too busy to sort through multiple notifications to find an appointment that works for us. The NexHealth Waitlist consolidates all your availability into a single message, letting patients view all their options in one place.

Easily book with one click

While other platforms require effort and create friction while booking, the Synchronizer will automatically recognize patients who receive your waitlist messages and match them with the appropriate patient profile. That means patients won’t have to enter their information to select an appointment; all they need to do to claim a slot is click, “Book Now.”

Build a Healthier Practice With NexHealth

Building a stronger, healthier practice means plugging all kinds of efficiency leaks and accommodating patient needs, big and small. This is just one way NexHealth helps you do that. 

With automated waitlist follow-up, you get a seamless, digital solution to the age-old problem of patient cancellations. It’s yet another way to give your patients the high-touch experience they deserve!

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