Introducing the NexHealth Synchronizer™ – a new way to sync health record data

We’re introducing the NexHealth Synchronizer, the most reliable way to auto-sync patient data between your office and NexHealth.

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We live in a world of one-click everything – rideshare, food delivery, movie streaming, and more. And people have come to expect the same convenience from their doctors’ offices.

But doctors’ offices have fallen behind. Today, visiting a doctor means:

  1. Picking up the phone to call the office — and only during business hours.
  2. Filling out stacks of paperwork in the waiting room.
  3. Not knowing how much the visit will cost.
  4. Getting a surprise bill in the mail with an unpaid balance.

Inconvenience is only part of the problem.  Too often, patients are left with questions like:

  1. Where is my healthcare data?
  2. How much does my insurance cover?
  3. How do I transfer my test results from one office to another?

In a world of one-click everything, why don’t solutions to these problems exist already?

Meet the Synchronizer™ – a proprietary NexHealth solution

We know where health records are stored. They’re at doctors’ offices — dentists, dermatologists, primary care physicians, and more. Each of these doctors does a great job at keeping our records clean in whatever health record system they choose to use.

So NexHealth has spent over 4 years developing and refining in-house technology that’s able to read and write data with doctors’ health record systems. It’s the first technology of its kind that requires no partnerships with health record vendors. We call it the Synchronizer.

The Synchronizer has allowed us to build the best patient experience platform in the market, with capabilities that our competitors cannot match. For example, doctors can use NexHealth to read and write medical history forms into health record systems, create new patients, and schedule new appointments — all automatically.

The Synchronizer is so powerful that many of our peer tech companies are licensing it to accelerate their own innovation:

  • Birdeye is offering online booking powered by the Synchronizer.
  • VivoDoc is making it easy for patients to find local doctors.
  • ReferWell is streamlining the specialist referral process.

The Synchronizer is behind NexHealth’s patient experience platform and many of the existing technology vendors that you know and love. Later this week, we’ll share more about how the Synchronizer works and the results it has enabled for doctors and developers alike. In the meantime, you can chat with one of our Synchronizer experts today.

Learn more about the Synchronizer:

  • Check out this blog post from Head of SaaS Engineering Matt Duszynski about how we built the Synchronizer.
  • Read about three customers who are using the Synchronizer to transform the patient experience.
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