June 2023 Product Updates

Message more effectively with your patients with Review frequency caps, easy-to-see messaging preferences, and directions in Reminders.

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This past month has been busy! We've launched a new Waitlist to fill empty chairs in 20 minutes, released a new iPad app for in-office Forms, and improved how you text and communicate with patients.

Read on to learn more about our new patient communications features, the new Waitlist, Forms and more:

Patient Communications

Adjust the frequency of patient review requests

We used to send patients a review request after every appointment, which was inconvenient for patients with treatment plans requiring multiple appointments in quick succession. Now you can adjust the frequency with which your patients will be prompted for a review: we recommend every 6 months!

See how to customize Review requests

Avoid sending messages to patients who have unsubscribed from texts

Patients can be very vocal about getting unwanted texts. Office staff are now alerted directly in the patient conversation if a patient has unsubscribed from texts from the office, so it’s easy to avoid sending a message that is likely to be ignored or undelivered.

Keep patients from getting lost

Previously, a patient that selected “Directions” on the appointment confirmation screen was provided with the latitude and longitude of the practice. Now, clicking “Directions” on the appointment confirmation screen automatically displays the practice address and populates in Google Maps.

More exciting updates from NexHealth

Why we built the NexHealth Synchronizer™

The #1 question we get from practices is, “How do you sync in seconds? Nothing else works that way.” So, we created a video that shares the story behind the Synchronizer™– our proprietary technology that syncs data independent of health records systems and improves reliability for practices. Let us know what you think!

Introducing the NexHealth Waitlist

The NexHealth Waitlist fills canceled appointments in under 20 minutes, driving thousands of dollars of revenue for practices and increasing patient satisfaction. Easily filter your Waitlist, send a request to fill the calendar, and allow patients to book in just one tap!

Reimagine your in-office Forms

We’re excited to introduce the new NexHealth iPad App – powered by the NexHealth Synchronizer™ to reimagine the in-office forms experience.

The new app makes it easy for your staff to log in, search and find patients, have patients complete forms directly on the iPad in your office, and automatically sync all forms directly to your health record system.

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